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Turf Tiger 29HP DFI


LawnSite Member
After trying a demo unit last summer, theres no doubt, this is an awesome unit by Scag. With the DFI theres no choke, no sitting waiting in the cold for your unit to warm up. The fuel efficiency is the best Scag has to offer. With the way the engines designed your actually pushing 31-32 hp. Not many sold around our area yet. Anyone else out there demo or buy one?


LawnSite Senior Member
I have used Scag mowers for many years and am very satisfied with how well they hold up. Never ran the unit in question though. Make sure you have good dealer support if you buy this uint. As you said not many people run them.

mdb landscaping

LawnSite Silver Member
Glastonbury, CT
we bought one late last season and i must say i am huge fan. i was an exmark guy before, but this turf tiger really is impressive. absolutely great on hills, tons of power and cuts great. i love the fuel injection and no choking necessary. i definately recommend all to at least demo it. we compared it against exmarks 27hp liquid cooled machine, and although it was a great machine, the scag superceded it in a few areas. hills was the where the tiger really shined.