Turf Tiger -Good Deal???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wrestlingcoach, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. wrestlingcoach

    wrestlingcoach LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 251

    61" Turf Tiger -$ 6,000
    130 hours
    3 years old
    27 hp Kaw liquid cooled
    nice condition

    one owner - old man with 7 acres mowed his own place

    I test drove it a few minutes ago, in wet grass cut well

    Is this a good buy?
  2. nelbuts

    nelbuts LawnSite Bronze Member
    from SW, FL
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    A new one is close to $10,000.00 not counting taxes. But the hours would not bother me at all. I have one with the liquid cooled 22 KAW with over 3,000 hours everything runs perfect.
  3. Stihl036pro

    Stihl036pro LawnSite Member
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    I think thats a real good deal, I own a tiger and there an awsome machine.
  4. T-Time

    T-Time LawnSite Member
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    I feel it is an exceptional deal. Just priced a used one, with about 2000 hours had been used as commercial unit and is now being used by the dealers owner at his house. The price they quoted me was 5000. I talked with another LCO there and he has one with 4800 hours on it. Takes good care of his equipment.

  5. wrestlingcoach

    wrestlingcoach LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 251

    We are getting the money tomorrow and getting it.
    A turf tiger at the dealer is $8800 plus tax

    any suggestions on the maintenance what to look for.
    we are going to change the oil , 3 filters-oil,hydro, gas, air filter

    get new blades at Smith Distributing in OKC . cheap blades for everything $5-6 each for 52" toro blades there book has them at $7 each for scags 61"
  6. Jimbo

    Jimbo LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,093

    I would pull the dipstick and check the oil before you buy. Check for sludge, white color, or anything else abnormal. Wipe the dipstick off and see if it is clean or burnt black. Don't always go by the hour meter because they are easily unhooked. Check the hydro fluid and see if it smells foul.

    It sound like a good deal. Get the manual and do all maintenance right away. Fluid level in battery, tire pressure, spark plugs, fuel filter, antifreeze, grease everthing, check belts or even replace them if you have the money...cheap insurance. I had a blade belt that only lasted one year, and a hydro belt only made it 1.5 years. Hours dont matter on the belts.
  7. PetalsandPines

    PetalsandPines LawnSite Member
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    If that is a 2001 model you may not like the idea that the deck is set at 1/2" increments....Having 1/4" increments is so much better!
  8. CHAN

    CHAN LawnSite Member
    from AL.
    Messages: 132

    You can buy the adjuster for the 1/4 in. and change it out for a small cost from dealer or better than that get a 1/4 in pin and use it when you only need to change it in 1/4 in increments that is what i do and it works fine. Sounds like a good deal to me. My dealer has several like that he has had traded in on the new briggs 31 big block.
  9. PetalsandPines

    PetalsandPines LawnSite Member
    Messages: 248

    MY 2001 TT has 239 hours on it, in that 239 hours, I have had a spindle explode (which scag wouldn't cover on warranty!!) Seat arm broke, gas guage fell apart in tank, tires are constantly losing air, don't know if it the turning of the wheels breaking the bead/seal. Starter problems since day one. Other than that, I love the machine:rolleyes:
  10. easycareacres

    easycareacres LawnSite Senior Member
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    700 hrs on one turf tiger and 300 on other, spindles strongest around, like was said clean oil, filter go forever
    lattest spindles are 165% stronge. wheels will leak on any zero turn if hard stops on roads etc slow up a little.
    mine are not 1 year old yet but heavy use, mount gutters slow as can cause stress cracks. If tyres lossing air, front jockey wheels fill with jell or get a plug repair.

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