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Turf Tiger or Super Z?

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Should I get a Turf Tiger or a Super Z? I have narrowed the feild to these choices, with a 52" deck. The Turf Tiger is 9,000 with tax, has a 23 kawi, or 27 kohler, I like the dealer a little better than the hustler dealer. the super Z has a 25 kawi and is 8,300. Will i miss the 5 mph? the warranty's are about the same, however i do like the fact that Hustler has a lifetime on the front edge of the deck. What to do?
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If theres any way go with ExMark i have a Truf Tiger 27 lc kW paid 9000.00 new the dealer sees this mower more than i do. I have 2 Exmarks with over 1700 hours on them and they have never been back to the scag will be getting this mower back the lemon has took over.
I hate to hear you've had such bad luck w/ your Tiger. I've got an '01 27lc kawi/ 61 TT., 1400 hrs. & it's performed flawlessly. Couldn't be happier. I demo'd it & an EXmark and chose the Tiger. I'd feel comfortable with any of the top 5 manufacturers.
Again..just my opinion:p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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