Turf Tiger price ?????? Scag guys

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    I was just browsing today after getting my hydro filter changed on one mower. My local dealer which is small and I don't expect him to compete with larger dealers but he offered me a Turf Tiger 61" velocity with the 31 briggs for $8,500 plus tax. That doesn't sound bad for a small dealer. It maybe an 06 he's trying to move but what are your thoughts Scag guys. I could probably go to a large dealer and do better but I'm not up on the Scag prices. They really seem to vary from area to area.
    I would say I could mow with it several years and still loose very little money. I saw a 27 Kaw Turf Tiger go for over $5000 with over 1,000 hrs on Ebay and it was beat up a bit.
  2. mag360

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    It may be a leftover '05 if it has the 31 briggs. Scag had new 61in velocity decks put on some of the 05 models that were made for 72in advantage decks. Our dealer offered me one last spring for $9000. $8500 sounds like a pretty fair deal to me.
  3. C&K

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    I had a dealer price me an '06 61" turf tiger with a 27LC Kaw for 8999.00 and an air-cooled kohler(I'm not sure of the hp; maybe 25-26) for 8799.00. I'm also not sure what deck they had. I'm in E.Tennessee, so prices should be similar. I'd say that's a pretty good price.
  4. tacoma200

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    Your probably right about it being a leftover. I better double check. What year did the velocity deck come out. I thought I checked the deck but maybe I'm wrong. I just looked at my 06 catalog and it doesn't list a 31 briggs. It must be an 05 so it probably has the advantage deck, right? I looked underneath the deck and sure thought it looked like a velocity but never checked the sticker. Who would have thought he had an 05 left? I'm not sure I would want the advantage deck.
  5. twj721

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    if you want it you better nab it cause it is a good price my o5 turf tiger 61 A ,with 29 dfi kaw with option light kit was out the door priced at 10900. tax included think it was 8900 -9000. before ligh kit and taxes
  6. tacoma200

    tacoma200 LawnSite Fanatic
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    Well thanks to you guys I figure its got the old style deck so I guess I'll pass. But still probably a good price.

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sounds good where are you located.
  8. Piscitelli Landscape

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    dude that sounds like a really good price to me at least in my area. but i would go back and try to chisel him down a lil bit just for sh*$! and giggles.
  9. Audrey

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    Heya Tacoma! :)

    I'd still go back and inquire. If it is the older deck, he may do even better. His distributor may allow a little extra if it's an 05.
    If it turns out to be an 06, well, all the better. I'd grab it quick. My 2006 35/61 was $9600.
    Still having a blast with it since we talked last. :)

    What happened with the new Hustler? You were really into it.
    Mechanical problems or just an itch for a new machine?

  10. tacoma200

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    Hey Audrey, I really wasn't looking to buy right now but he told me he had a great deal on the 31/60 turf tiger and I've admired the reviews on the velocity decks so I looked at it. I thought it was a newer machine, then when I looked in my brochures I saw they didn't use the 31 Briggs in 06 or 07 so it has to be an 05 (there for the old advantage deck). So that kind of disappointed me that he never mentioned that and I hear the velocity is a much better deck. As soon as I buy it I would have a used 05 mower with the old deck, which will have a new warranty. If I bought a Scag I had my sights set on the new velocity deck.

    As far as the Huslter we had a crabgrass problem in my part of the state and it just wouldn't cut it. Hustler was good about it and refunded my money after we tried several thing to try to get it to cut. The Exmark had no problem with the same grass so I was not really happy. Great mower other than that.

    I will say its hard to find a good 30+ hp mower for under $9,000 . Maye I should look into it further. Sounds like you got a great deal on yours. Don't hear much out of you anymore. What have you been up to?

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