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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by henrykinney, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. henrykinney

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    I have a new Turf Tiger, 27 h.p. .with a 61 inch deck. Up until now it has performed without a lot of scalping. However today I noticed it was scalping like crazy. After checking the deck I noticed that the long bars that are threaded on each end, on either side of the frame, are missing any hardware or nuts at the rear end. I cannot tell from the manual whether it came with any. Have these just vibrated off. Help its the weekend and the shop is closed.
  2. hubb

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    I don't think it had them from the factory. The stubs that the bar goes through is also threaded. The nut in front is just a locking nut to keep the whole rod from moving. If your scalping now but didn't before it might be tire pressure. If you have a low tire on one side that could lead to scalping. Just a thought. Hope this helps.
  3. pinnacle

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    Have you cheeked deck pitch? The front of the deck should be 1/4inch lower than the back or more or less swimming, Correct?
  4. mklawnman

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    Sounds to me like your tire pressure is low and you might also wanna check your decks cutting height and pitch of the deck. I can't see how those nuts would vibrate off unless they weren't tight when you bought the machine. Mine have stayed on for over 3yrs no problem, and I've never had a scalp problem and if i did it was usually because of low tire pressure or the deck was out of balance.

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