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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassdaddy, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. grassdaddy

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    Has anyone bought or built,a stripping kit for tt??Could an ExMark roller be made to fit,would I have to remove 2 center rollers.--It seems like too much overlap would be needed for chain kit.I've seen some tt stripes,but on lawns I cut,mine isn't much of a stripper.:( need some ideas please...:)
  2. Cooper Landscaping

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    A while back someone posed the question to Terry at Exmark whether they could use Exmarks striping roller on their scag. The answer was no the EXmark stripe kits are meant for exactly that, Exmarks. As for any other kind of striping kit i have no idea.

  3. WLLD

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    Had one on my Tiger before I sold it - used a rubber flap set up bolted to the framework that supports the back of the deck. Actually worked pretty good. The tigers are tough to make a kit for with the drive shaft for the deck.

  4. FatherandSon

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    Grass Daddy,

    We have 2 Turf Tigers and have the same problem, will not stripe like our competitors. Contacted Scag, they said "we're working on it" last I heard.

    am now considering getting rid of both and looking at Exmark.
  5. bastalker

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  6. maple city

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    These stripes were made with our Tiger Cub, no striping kit, factory blades....


    It's all in the type of grass.

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