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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Sep 21, 2001.

  1. Anyone have any idea on how to get this beast to stripe?
    ive been very unhappy with this machine
    wheel motors went out at less than 100 hrs gear box went out to despite amsoil in gear case
    it has 61 standard deck and 22 lc kaw ive tried every blade combination high lifts with low lifts gators etc
    to beat it all the scagg ultimate walkbehinds we have stripe great
    since ive already plucked down 7700 ill have to live with it for a season or two

    any ideas welcome!!
  2. TLS

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    In order for a mower to be able to stripe well, there has to be some type of protrusion lower than the blades in the rear. Wether it be the rear of the deck skirt, anti scalp rollers, chains, anything. If your deck is severly pitched to the front, then the rear skirt will be too high. Deck pitch should be no more than 1/4". If you are a half inch or more, then there isn't enough material hanging down low enough to brush the grass forward (which is what creates the stripe).

    Forgot what region you are in, but I've heard that the southern grasses (weeds for me!) dont stripe well at all.
  3. Deck pitch was first thing i checked, it is exactly 1/4 inc h lower in front .I checked it on good flat surface

    thanks for reply!
  4. Eric ELM

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    Good advice Tommy.

    BTW, he is trying to stripe this Chicago grass. It is hard to stripe this grass. ;)
  5. awm

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    you might want to contact piedmont lawn care in albemarle nc.
    they use tigers an lately have been putting down a first rt stripe.
    they learned something.if they know you are not close they may tell u
  6. cclllc

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    I demoed a tiger and I hated it It was slow and awkward .:(
  7. Jr.

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    I use a turf tiger and I have had wonderful success with the machine striping. I haven't had to add any aftermarket attachments to get it to stripe and I feel like it does a good. It mows quite well and I have found the advantage deck to work well in many diffrent varieties of grasses. In the stripes 2000 thread I posted a couple of pictures of some of my lawns that were striped with my tiger if you would like to take a look and see.
    I really like my turf tiger now but I must say that when I first got it I talked down about it. But, as time went on and I got used to it, I really like it and I feel like that it gives just as good a cut as my lazer. One thing though; keep good sharp blades on it or you will curse violently. As far as trouble with the mower I have not had any at all. I also have servel friends that run turf tigers and that have performed well for them also. Hope this is of some help.

  8. JR

    Thanks for the words of comfort ,maybe i just got hold of a bad one?wheel motors went out on both wheels,gear box went out
    and i maintain my machines completely

    But thanks again at least i know not everyone got a bad one
    also can the standard deck be upgraded to advantage?

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