Turf Tracer 23HP?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by majorjake, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. majorjake

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    I'm just starting up my business and can only afford to purchase 1 new commercial mower. Since I know some of my accounts will have some hills with a grade greater than 15% I will need a W/B. I was originally going to get a Lazer Z or XS 60" with 30 or 31 engine, however, I think buying the TT 52" with a 23HP would be the right choice until I get larger accounts that are more open.

    (1) My main question is how is the TT with the optional standon for those long flat open cuts? I had seen a picture of John Gamba's TT and it looked like he another type of system on the the back of his for riding? (2) How is the power on the TT 52" with a 23 Kohler, is it plenty of power ( I like to have more than enough)? How is it with mulching and bagging? I orignally liked the Lazer Z because of the awesome ultral vac system which sucked everything up for a very clean looking property, will the TT do the same? Any other general comments about the TT 52" are appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. MTR

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    Don't make mistake, go get Lazer 60" as you frontline mower. period. The walk you can buy a used one cheap like a TTHP 48" or 36" to do hill and slope. The most profit and money you make through Lazer is uncomparable.
    There is no comparison a Z and a TT or whatever.
  3. ToroLandscaper

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    I would say go with a Z for a primary mower however if you are set on a WB the TT would be the best choice...i use a tthp sometimes and LOVE it whenever time comes to get a WB it will be for sure a Turf Tracer
  4. John Gamba

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    Get the TT60 23 Kaw. The riders are very heavy and you will rut and have tree rings and turf tare when you turn.

    You can turn faster and do hills better with the walk behind and you can go under most trees too.

    For bagging you can get the trac-vac, Accelerators bagger. if you go with the side bagger you can use the Jrco transporter and tub for extra cubes of grass or leaves.

    The new stand on sulky is very nice and if you dont mind the wheel mark its the sulky for that mower. I think the pic you seen of my TT52 was the pro-slide sulky. I found the 52" TT to be long and the front kinda light but the 23 Kohler is very good engine for the that deck. The 23 Kaw will be good enough for allot of your mowing.


    Believe me if your props are not three acres or more you will love the TT6023Kaw.
  5. majorjake

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    Hey John, thanks for the information. I was all set on the TT 52" but now I may be more interested in the TT 60". I was thinking the 52" with a 23hp would be a better combination (more power for a smaller deck) because of the smaller size deck and large engine, but it sounds like you prefer the 60" over the 52". It looks like the new TT 60 and 52 are the same length but the 60 is 50pds heavier.
  6. jason_2005lawnman

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    i have the turf tracer 60 with 20 kholer and no matter what some of these other guys say it has more than enough power; we been cutting upward of 20 yards a day and this machine is just totally awsome; im thinking about buying two more of them; and just for info for some of these guys that say i cant be mowing 20 yards a day with it; i am using a big 60" mid mount zero turn also;

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