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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BIGWIV, Jun 27, 2003.


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    Does anyone own an Exmark Turf Tracer 60" with the kawasaki 23hp.

    How do you like it?

    How does it cut?

    How much $ ?

    I have a few customers that do not like to see the 60" rider on their lawn :angry: So I'm thinking of getting the 60" walkbehind. Thanks in advance for any and all feedback:waving:
  2. lilred731

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    Why would they even care? Are you tearing up their lawn. Or is it your are getting the job done to fast for them?

    BIGWIV LawnSite Member
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    Some customers just fill that the rider is either to big or it is to fast. I'll try to educate them about the rider not being a problem. In fact I tell them it cuts better then the w/b's, but you can't get them all. Out of 60 accounts only five are w/b's only. I don't mind.:D
  4. The WB weighs 250# less has smller tires has more PSI per a sq inch than the rider.

    It's not that much different, if you have to spend $6000 for a machine to do a hand full of lawns, you don't need them.

    from AL
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    250lbs & add the weight of the operator.
  6. Darryl G

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    You need to add the weight of the operator to the WB too...unless you're actually going to walk behind it. Does anyone still do that?
  7. Darryl very true, but they would ride on their own set of wheels, which would make even more ground psi..

    from AL
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    On softer ground the additional weight of the operator on the rider is a factor.

    My employees will walk behind the units on certain props & achieve better looking results.
  9. I guess those mowers you buy with the "smaller foot prints" leave some nice ruts.

    They have less flotation than the ZTR, and actually rut the lawn rather than just leaving mud tracks.

    Also if you can walk behind it and still mow, a ZTR will do an almost identical job to walking behind a WB, plus you feet don't get wet.

    The next option is.............don't mow it if it's to wet.

    It's going to boils down to what you want to do, and I personally won't buy a mower for such a little return you will get in this situation.

    from AL
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    We don't cut in the rain but the ground is often soft on many of our upscale res. accounts.

    The Tracer produces a much nicer finish.

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