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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by LES, Aug 26, 2001.

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    Has any one experienced the hydro controls on turf tracers getting sticky? I have removed and replaced the self centering bearings at the base of the handles, tightened the tension springs and lubricated all pivot points.

    Controls only stick when machine is running.

    Getting Frustrated!!:angry:
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    Normally when we hear of the controls sticking on one of the hydro's, it usually is in the control linkages.

    The flanged bearing that you mentioned is a common place for this to happen. When setting these, had you removed the control arm spring? If you don't, this will cause the bearing to be pulled off center in the slot, which can cause some sticking. Without the spring on, tighten the flange bearing bolts a little at a time, while moving the control arm to ensure the bearing stays centered and doesn't stick, until the bolts are tight.

    Another place we'll hear of sticking is on the control arm rod. This is the rod that has the long slotted end. There is a bolt that 'rides' in that slot, if it doesn't sit nice and square in the slot, it can hang-up or cause a sticking.

    You did state that it only seems to happen while you're running the machine. Are you running a sulky or some type of 'ride-on' attachment? If so, you may need to move the control arm spring to one of the higher settings. Behind the drive tire, and underneath the engine deck you'll see that those two springs(one for each side) mount to an anchor that is bolted to the engine deck in the bottom of three holes. I would try moving that anchor down to the middle hole and see if that helps solve the sticking issue. I wouldn't go to the top hole right away, as it does increase the drive lever tension that your hands have to squeeze.

    If all of this checks out, it could be in the pump. Drop me an email at service@exmark.com and we'll work through it.


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