Turf Tracer vs Hustler Super W/B

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by majorjake, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. majorjake

    majorjake LawnSite Member
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    I'm buying either the 52" TT with a 23 Kohler or the 54" Hustler Super with a 25 Kohler this fall for next season. Most of the dealers and landscapers around my area use exmark exclusively from what I see. However, I did find a few Hustler dealers in my area so this would not be too big of an inconvenience as far as service goes if I went with Hustler.

    As far as W/B's go, I don't think you could find a better pair of machines, however, I need to choose one and I've been leaning more towards the TT because of the higher blade speed and better cut. With the Hustler, you get 2 more horses and my understanding is the control system compared to the ECS controls are outstanding, unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to demo either as of yet.

    Please tell me your thoughts and experiences with both of these machines.
  2. AlbeLawn

    AlbeLawn LawnSite Member
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    I love my new TT 52 with a 23 kawasaki. It has a great cut and will pull a horse around. I have never tried out the hustler but i love my exmark. i just changed the oil and did some maintenance and it was a breeze. did it in no time at all. Also the TT has very little weekly/daily maintenance.
    I love my exmark.

  3. naturescape

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    I have a TT, love it. Demoed the Hustler wb, hated the controls. You'd think it would handle great, it sure didn't. Hope you like divots.....
  4. Big Hoss

    Big Hoss LawnSite Member
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    Hi guys I did demo both machines before buying and I bought the Hustler SWB . Why because it is better built and the controls are simple and comfortable . It has a 25hp Kawasaki engine on it . Thicker deck construction , spindle housings constructed of ductile iron , and as far as power is concerned it routinely pulls me up 30-35 degree hills cutting fescue . By the way I weigh 350 lbs. If you have slalom course type yards I would maybe opt for the other as it is shorter but most of my properties tend to be wide open and I feel the longer machine is easier to keep straight lines with .
    By the way it only took my wife 30 minutes to become proefficient on it so it can't be that tough .
    Demo both of them and do your homework on the dealers reputation as far as his service is . If it isn't any good neither wil your experience be with either machine .

    Big Hoss
  5. MTR

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    from Florida
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    Why did you skip Wright's 52/23 Stander? Stander will run circle around eXmark TT anyday! Hustler SWB is great BUT nobody buys it! it is extinct from the beginning of season, and yet, dealers never order them to stock on their floor, sad but true... Super Z takes it all, sorry.
  6. J.Gordon

    J.Gordon LawnSite Senior Member
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    This is the reason I bought the 25/54 SWB over Exmarks and other.
    1-you can’t beat the controls on Hustlers walk-behinds for ease of use and comfort. And I can do a true zero turn without any divots, I think about anybody could with a little time behind the machine.
    2- you can go from 0 to 8+Mph back to 0 to –6 Mph just by turning your wrist, I have run mine all day without my hands or wrist hurting.
    3- the build quality is very good, and is very easy to service.
    4- the spindles are cast iron instead of aluminum; you can replace the spindle bearings for about $12-16.00 each and can get them from most industrial or farm supply retailers, opposed to buying the entire spindle assembly from Exmark.
    5-the way it was put together I knew I could keep it going as long as I wanted it.
    6- the 20’’ tires running about 10 pounds of air ride great and it will climb a hill like a goat!
    7- it has plenty of power for any modifications that I may want to do.
    8- you will have a hard time finding a mower that will out cut it.
    9-I got a lot more machine, for a lot less money.
    With the stock setup my SWB didn’t cut like I thought it should, the high lift blades changed that real quick.
    10- you have a one-gallon hydraulic reservoir compared to the one-quart that Exmark has, and you can put Mobil-1 in it if you desire. (I Run Mobil-1 in the engine and Hydro.)
    11- I had intensions on modifying my machine before I got it, and it has the power to run doubles over 20,000 Fpm if I needed it to and mulch the heck out of leaves.
    12-Couple a Hustler SWB with a BullRider sulky and a ZTR with the same size deck will have a hard time being as productive as you. Add an Accelerator catcher and you are good to go.
    13- you have Hustler’s support on this site and they are second to none!
    This cons of the SWB. Is the machine is long and can sometimes a pain in tightly landscaped areas.

    Even though it has duel exhaust it is pretty loud.

    It doesn’t come with a parking brake standard.

    After market parts are dismal to say the least.

    If you have any questions you can PM me or give me a call.

    All in all they are one heck of a machine, And well worth the money.

  7. majorjake

    majorjake LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for everyone's replies, it sounds like the Hustler SWB is the better built machine, more durable, heavier and just an overall beefier machine, however, I always see the exmarks out and about. In addition, I can purchase the Hustler for about $5,600 before taxes and the exmark TT is about $6,400 before taxes.

    Sure seems like the Hustler is the way to go!

    Any other opinions?
  8. grassbandit

    grassbandit LawnSite Member
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    One word about the Hustler's Controls. EFFORTLESS!! Great machine, wouldn't trade mine for the world.

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