Turf tracer vs Vride

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by MTenterprises, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. KnK

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    im probably doing 50-60 degree slopes with my vride, it doesnt side hill like a walk behind, but your production will go up about 25%-30% and your body will hurt less, as far as scalping, a lighter machine will usually scalp less than a heavier one ,imo
  2. CTmower

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    Im currently looking into getting rid of my 48" TTHP for a 48" V ride but my only concern is the added weight on lawns I do that need the light weight WB. Im a big fan of the Velocity deck since I use a Turf Tiger on my bigger lawns. Have a few weeks until the Scag promo ends so I'll sleep on it for a few more days.
  3. Valk

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    In order for a mower to support a man's weight, it must first be built up to support him...thus the beauty of a WB.
  4. MTenterprises

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    I've thought about that too. However I just can't decide. Now that I saw the new vantage with ecs and efi today. .... I'm kinda drooling for it. Decisions decisions.
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  5. MTenterprises

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    The weight is definitely a valid concern. As I drove away from a resi I did with the vride today, the ground in my tracks were mashed down visibly. It's a pretty spongy yard already but this is where a wb might be better for it.
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  6. MTenterprises

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    The vride did good today on a steep sloped dam on my biggest residential. It's days like today when I already need to be on a ztr (72 on this account ) that I wonder how much longer it would be cutting with a turf tracer. It's 5 acres and seems like our never ends. I cannot ride again bc if my back. The vride is productive for sure.
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  7. sjessen

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    Be sure to demo the vantage with ecs before purchasing. I prefer the z type controls.

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