Turf Tracer will not discharge

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by case20, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. case20

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    I have an 48" Exmark Turf Tracer (2000 model) that I have rebuilt. It does not discharge grass out of the deck. I was looking underneath it and the 3 blade wells are connected with openings but there is no opening to the outside. Is this some kind of mulching deck or is it supposed to be like that? Thanks
  2. avguy

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    It sounds like it is from a mulch kit. I had a mulch kit on mine & ended up removing it. Look to see if there aren't 2 or 3 bolts keeping it in place.
  3. IS500Z

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    It sounds like you have a chute block on the deck. The right side of the deck should be an opening that allows the grass to discharge. Check the deck side and you should see a covering over the opening in the deck. While you are at it make sure that the deck does not contain baffles around each of the blades which would be part of a mulch kit.

    FWIW my Scag has a mulch kit on it and I love it. No discharge into flower beds and the lawn looks like it was bagged. Maybe give the mulching set-up a chance?
  4. avguy

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    My mulch kit actually did a terrific job of mulching. The problem I had was I was cutting Bermuda & the suction of the mulch kit would lift the grass and make it stand up when it was meant to grow laterally. I got rid of the mulch kit as well as the high lift blades and my lawn looks great.
  5. case20

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    Thanks for the help
  6. macgyver_GA

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    Really? Hmm..interesting..

    All of the lawns I maintain are bermuda and I mulch all of them mainly because they're too small to discharge. I don't have any problems other than having to slow down a little when it's really thick. Also, If I turn left and there is still a decent amount of clippings suspended it will leave a small row of clippings on the right side of the deck as I turn. I'm just running a block off plate and mulching blades (wavy) on my 36" Snapper Pro.
  7. avguy

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    Yes.......really. It seemed like no matter what I did the cut just didn't look right to me. I/d cut it with my JD 62c deck w/ mulch kit, my 48 TTHP with mulch kit, even cut it one day with just my Honda HRX series which took me about 4 hrs to cut the whole 2 acres. The cut is at 2" and much more noticeable the day after I cut. I went back to the original straight blades & the cut looked much better. It seemed like the tracks from the wheels were much more pronounced after using the high lift blades.

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