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Turf Tracer


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east texas
I have been searching high and low for a good used or demo Turf Tracer walk behind with 52" deck and Kawasaki motor but they seem to just not exist. Do you know of any demos around that may be for sale? Dont say talk to my local dealer because that has gotten me nowhere quick. Ebay, been there done that. By the way I HAVE posted this in the equipment forum and got ZILCH. Dont say look on the Exmark site because they dont update it. Some of the mowers listed have been there 2 years. No, I dont want an HP either. Thanks in advance.


Manufacturer / Sponsor

I wish I could be more help but all of our demos were sold months ago through various dealers around the country. The Kohler has been more popular on the big TT and thus would probaly be much easier to come by. I'll let you know if I here of something but it's unlikely.



John Gamba

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People how get a TT dont sell them to quickly. They are a great walk behind!!