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turf tracerHP 52" 17hp


LawnSite Senior Member
I have been looking at these some. I have not demoed any. My question is, is 17hp enought to push that large of a deck in wet and/or thick grass?

I know John and Eric(Frankenscags) have these, what do you guys think?


LawnSite Platinum Member
Originally posted by ztoro

I have one and use a proslide with plenty of extra power... cuts great....
Me too. I usually mow at full speed unless it's a thick/extra tall lawn. I often mow with doubles also (low lift notched blade on bottom and gator style on top) The 17hp V-twin is a workhorse. It's got a boat-load of power for a 17hp label rating IMHO. Love the engine and mower as a whole. Wish I had ECS grips though. Since we're wishing, I wish it did 8mph and had a 27hp lq Kaw :p