Turfco® Announces TurnAer™ XT5 Upgrades

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    Steerable, reversible aerator now with enhanced speed and hill performance​

    Turfco revolutionized aeration with the patented and patent-pending TurnAer™ XT5 steerable and reversible aerator. Now with increased speed and a new weight system, the XT5 is more efficient and performs better on hills.

    With a new gear ratio system, the aeration speed is increased by 14 percent. More ground can be covered in less time without sacrificing quality or the ability to turn while aerating.

    The new weight system allows operators to adjust the weight in the back of the aerator, improving hill performance and control on hills. Operators can take advantage of the enhanced speed on hills, while still maintaining control.

    “Improving our customers’ productivity without sacrificing quality and precision is important,” said Scott Kinkead, Turfco’s vice president. “The upgraded XT5 delivers excellent results while helping customers be more productive.”

    The TurnAer XT5 utilizes Turfco’s patented steerable aerator technology with a new variable-speed hydrostatic drive system. As a result, the XT5 is 50 percent more productive than traditional aerators. It is also simple to understand and operate and requires little maintenance.

    The XT5 helps reduce job time on all aerating projects, as well as on the most heavily landscaped lawns and hard-to-reach areas. Operators can steer and reverse with tines in the ground eliminating need to stop, lift and turn with each pass – reducing fatigue and increasing productivity. A well-balanced machine, the XT5 places weight directly over the tines for better penetration and smooth operation.

    “Customers tell us how the TurnAer has made it easier than ever to aerate.” said Kinkead. “The XT5 takes that to the next level by giving operators the ability to both steer and reverse without having to lift the tines. Easier aerating means less wasted time on the job site and increased productivity.”

    In addition, the XT5 features new EasyChange™ tines, which dramatically reduce changeover time. A removable tine cover provides fast, easy access for changes and cleaning. Sealed, self-aligning tine shaft bearings keep maintenance to a minimum and reduce down time.

    The low-profile design and rugged unibody steel frame make the TurnAer XT5 one of the most durable aerators ever offered. The XT5’s drive chains are covered and located outside of the frame to protect it from debris for long-lasting, trouble-free operation.

    Other features include:
    • Ergonomic fingertip controls to facilitate forward-and-reverse operation
    • Optimized weight bar placement for maximum tine penetration
    • Fits easily through a standard 36-inch gate
    • Sturdy tie-down points

    For more information contact Turfco Direct at (800) 679-8201 or visit www.turfcodirect.com.

    Company Contact Information:
    Turfco Direct
    1655 101st Ave. NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55449
    Phone: (800) 679-8201
    Fax: (763) 785-0556
    Web: http://www.turfcodirect.com


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