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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by odin, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Anyone useing the turfco turner-26 I got a flyer though the mail looks nice on paper.
    Let me hear both good and bad experciences with this puppy.
  2. PaulJ

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    I just saw one of these in person today. looks like it would be simple to operate. It has a difeerential between the two sides and brakes to help turning. It also has a sring to help lift it out of the ground. pricy but I will probably take a closer look when the time comes.
  3. Old Hippy

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    The TurnAer from Turfco is new. Introduced this past fall in Nashville at the GIE. The Drive is all stuff they have used for years, bearings, shafts, chains and etc. The new thing is the diff drive on the top with the disc brakes that make it turn. Simple but effective and really works. I used one and liked it so did some other guys around Lincoln and Omaha. Takes hills well and turns nice. No more lifting because you go round and round not back and forth. You actually run it just like a mid size mower. You go on the lawn drop it go around till you are done then lift and leave. Same plugs, same tines and a Honda engine. Heavy though you have to use ramps you don't lift this baby. Handles fold too to store it later when you are done.
  4. kutnkru

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    Odin this machine is simply Turfcos version of the Classen Split-Drive. I havent used this unit yet, but have used the Turfco units in the past without reservation. IMHO it would probably come down to price, as both companies have nice products.
  5. thanks kutnkru

    Ive never used turfco or classen ive only used ryan areators .So i wasnt aware of the fact the two were basiclly the same
  6. PaulJ

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    The turfco unit is NOT a classen clone.

    It does the same thing, but alot easier.

    Where the classen has two seperate clutches and levers the turfco has one and uses a differential and brakes to turn. much easier to hold the handle. brakes are operated with small finger levers with very little preasure. The front drum is split also.

    Also there is a spring assist lift system. No more heave ho to get the wheels down.
  7. wriken

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    Anybody got a $ on it?
  8. Old Hippy

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    Turfco has a web site. Turfco.com and then you go to lawn products or direct or something like that. They have the pricing right there because they sell on line. It is just north of $3000. They have been showing it at shows. They had it in Nashville at the GIE and let everyone run it. I ran it and it was cool just use the brakes like a mid size mower and go.

    oldhippy in Nebraska
  9. angus

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    How come my uncle is banned?I have'nt spoke to him in a few days ,so i was just wonderin.What did he do ?
  10. Etlawn

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    Is this a commercial quality aerator? I realize it is new but based on the opinions on those that have seen them do you think they can handle about 1400 aerations a year? I have never seen this product....just curious

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