Turfco Aerators and More at GIE

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by turfcobob, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. turfcobob

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    Turfco will be at GIE in Louisville next week. Visit us and chat about some real savings using tax incentive programs. Turfco will also special price all the equipment at the show and have incentives for 2010 that mean real savings.
    We look forward to chatting with everyone.
  2. americanlawn

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    Quick question....and I'm not trying to brag about any aerator.

    We consistantly pull the best plugs with our TURFCO Turnaire aerators "with sulkies" (chariots) compared to our other aerators. We also use Ryan & Lawn Solution walk-behinds, as well as Ryan 48" hydraulic lift pull-behinds.

    turfcobob - Is there a reason why our "chariot Turnaires" pull better plugs? :confused: Just curious. rscvp, thanks

    p.s. I know the Lawn Solutions ride-on pulls great plugs too, but we don't have one. Nuther thing, my guys fight over who gets to run the Turnaires cuz they can ride instead of walk. :laugh:
  3. a plus bob

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    I have never seen a Turfco aerator that didnt pull awesome plugs !
  4. turfcobob

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    There is a reason but I will not post it here. Call and we can chat 402-783-2028
    Basically it is the same reason a TroyBuilt is the best tiller of it's class

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