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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by pick6333, May 7, 2013.

  1. pick6333

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    I'm looking to possibly invest in a used bed edger and seen a few for sale by Turfco called Edge-R-Rite and was wondering if anyone could inform me how well this machine performs... I don't have enough bed edging to justify a new larger/faster more costly edger as I only have 4-5 customers which have 400-500 feet total edging... seems to take too long to edge with my guys using shovels as we've been doing over the past few years and looking to save alittle time & $$$ with a used machine, I have seen a few postings note that the turfco is very slow but does a nice job?....any comments out there?
  2. TinMan1

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    You have guys with 4 or 5 customers?
    A gas edger will save you money mine will cut as fast as I walk
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  3. pick6333

    pick6333 LawnSite Member
    from Il
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    I'm referring to a bed edger not a sidewalk edger. I only have 4-5 customers that request " bed edging" I do have a mclane sidewalk edger they use for sidewalk edging...
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  4. blk90s13

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  5. cgrant711

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    Its annoying when guys get on here to question you. Your question makes sense and I was hoping to read this post and get some good feedback on this bed edger as I am looking to buy one as well and only have a few customers that need it done. I've watched a video and it may be the same one someone posted but it didn't look like it did the best job, but I think it does ok. Depending on the price you can get a used one it may be worth it to try out and sell if you don't like it.
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  6. grassmaster06

    grassmaster06 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a older turfco I would sell for 100$ needs a better motor but it's runs as is
  7. stuffdeer

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    Can you pm me more info grass master? I'm interested
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  8. RedSox4Life

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    I have the turfco edger. It really only gets used for new edges....or really neglected ones.

    For something that's already maintained regularly.....a redefiner followed by a stick edger works the best for me.
  9. Skimastr105

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    I'll buy your edger. Call me. 517.992.4011
  10. Mjk1968

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    EZ- Trench has a bed edger Model # BE-300 that works very well. There are some YouTube videos to watch out there to show how easy it works. Cost for new is a few thousand dollars and I am in the same boat of only doing about 1000 linear feet per year and I can't justify purchasing one. My local rental store has one to rent for $75 per day or $300 per week.


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