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    I am thinking of purchesing a Turfco LS-20 lawn overseeder.Ijust performed a search on this, and read some information,I would like to here from any one who has purchased a LS-20 overseeder from turfco. I would like to know how well it works? Is this unit user friendly ? How well does it dethatch? Were you able to sell overseeding to your customers? I have ordered aerator tines from this company,and liked there service. Did you have a good or bad experance ordering your LS-20 from turfco direct? Thank you for your information and help. scott, from "G & S PROFESSIONAL LANDSCAPING SERVICE".
  2. crs

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    I came across this post while doing a search for info on lawn seeders. I have looked at the Bluebird as well as the Turfco and wanted to hear about anyone's experiences with these or other seeders.

    Thanks !!!
  3. HBFOXJr

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    Owned the Bluebird equal to the Turfco. Was pretty happy with its seed results most of the time.

    I have sold it and picked up a used Ryan Mataway with overseeder. A little more precise and effective. Can use less seed because of the precise placement and get better results.
  4. Runner

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    What is Lesco using this year, does anyone know, right off hand?
  5. crs

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    The Lesco is the same hydro drive $3500 (aprox) machine they have carried for the past few years. I do not know who makes it at this point.

    Too expensive for my budget at this time.
  6. HBFOXJr

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    We rented the Lesco unit to try before buying and compared it to our BlueBird.

    It was slow and for some reason created more mess to clean up. Don't know if was blade shape, speed or what ever.

    It is just a self propelled drop seeder. The BlueBird just relied on the blades digging into the turf to pull itself along. Sometimes to fast and you have to hold back and other times you gotta push a little.

    If I was gonna spend $3,500 for the Lesco I'd spend a grand more for the Ryan Mataway with seeder as they just do a better job of planting the seed.

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