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Hey guys, just got an info pack at the shop today from TURFCO DIRECT.

They make Aerators (walk and tow behind), sod cutter's and rollers, lawn overseeders, edgers, and electric fence installers.

The info pack was pretty nice, it also included some marketing pamphlets that they sell which are an awesome idea to try to sell your aeration and overseeding, and other landscape services.

Just thought you guys might want to check them out.


Hope this Helps!



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After checking out there site today i called to order the aeration info pamplets to send to each costomer of mine to inform them about aerating and the benefits. I went to give the operater my credit card number and she informed me that they are free! whatta great company! Ryan (textron) is selling something very similar for 20 bucks. This is a company i wouldnt mind doing buissness with... how are there aerators anyway?
Evan58 and David.

I've been so far impressed with their service. Monday, after considering cost issues, I decided to buy one of their aerators. One of my reasons is I'll be able to finance the purchase thru Sheffield Financial Corp. Also, for the same size machine, there was over a $500 difference between Bluebird and Ryan machines.

I did an application for financing Monday night. Got my approval for financing, but the gal that called my voicemail didn't talk fast enough to leave the phone number to call. I had to wait until I got back from work to get their information.

I will be calling them to start the process rolling.


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The web site looks good,I will call as you did to get more info.I would like to here from others that own or have used Turfco Equipment...what do you think? Thanks


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Just ordered the "Fall Moneymaker Kit" from Turfco, and plan to pop their brochures into some of my select customers billing envelopes next month. Been wanting to get into the aeration/overseeding end of the business since reading more about it on Lawnsite. If enough customers respond to make it a worthwhile investment, I'll order the equipment necessary for the jobs, and hop back on here to ask a million more questions...

Thanks, Guido! ;)