Turfco edge-r-rite

1st impressions

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Has anyone used this product before? The price seems right
but only if it works.Any problems buying direct? How does
it compare to the other products on the market? Any help would be appreciated.
p.s. this forum is great! I have learned a lot.


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southern ohio
I own this machine. It's great when you have to edge soil that is really too wet to work with. If you use a Brown Trenchmaster in wet soil it clogs up easily and the work is almost impossible. The Edger-Rite makes a cut and leaves a ribbon of sod to pick up, no housing to clog up.

The flip side is that it will really break your butt down physically to use it, especially in hard dry soil. Put the biggest hoss in your crew on that machine.

I've also used the Bedshaper brand bed edger which costs around $3,750 and it looks like a real machine on the video tape but it did not impress me that much. I could not bring myself to pay the price for what you got and how it performed. I gave it a pretty good test drive.

In all, the Edger-rite is a good starter machine. my next edger will probably be a Brown Trenchmaster (around 2 grand). The Trenchmaster is a faster machine in ideal soil conditions and is less taxing on the body. Don't waste time on a non-steerable version.

For $1,250, the Edger-rite it is a good way to start.


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Are you edging alot? If just a little, I purchased a kick edger from Quail Manufacturing. I use their sod cutter which is a great little tool. Of course not recomended for alot of edging or sod cutting unless you want a really good leg workout program. But at $229.00, it has a nice place in my operation.