TURFCO is proud to formally introduce the T3000 lawn applicator

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Michael J. Donovan, Oct 22, 2008.

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    The tires are narrower than the front tires of a PG, but they are wider than the front tires of Z-Spray units. What concerned us (just over a year ago) was the tread pattern.....we were used to knobby tires. So we were concerned about traction going up slopes.

    Turned out that we could apply on steep hills (even on wet grass) without tearing up turf. Regarding soft soil + creating ruts: The first two days we had our T3000, it had rained for two days. We ran it all day long (with no ruts) even when all the rest of my guys came back early from push spreading.

    We have received ZERO call backs regarding ruts from the T3000. (one customer had to pull the unit out of a muddy ditch once, but that was operator mistake).

    Optimized weight distribution plus low center of gravity allows this unit to be the most versiltle/productive/safe ride-on we have ever tried.

    I have seen many lawns ripped up by PG units, and we have seen Z-Sprays get stuck more than once (tow straps needed).

    Hope this helps, cuz I'm not trying to sell....just telling what we know, cuz ruts have never been a prob.

  2. americanlawn

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    Not sure what you mean, but I will share what I know.

    Here's the deal (and I will ignore snide remarks*trucewhiteflag*). TURFCO tested several engine manufacturers, engine sizes, etc. Honda, Kohler, Kawasaki, etc. Heck -- they tried everything before making sound business decisions. Only engine that held up was the Intec. They tested engines for corrosion resistance, ability to withstand power washing, horsepower, longevity, etc, etc.

    We bought the FIRST T3000 production unit. We changed the engine oil only one time this whole year! After the first 40 hours, we changed the oil....used 10W-30 Castrol Syntec motor oil. Currently, our T3000 has not used any oil whatsoever, and it still looks clear after 250 hours on the last oil change. Has plenty of horsepower to climb 45 degree hills -- which we have done (not recommended).

    I will answer any questions I can regrarding our ride-on experiences. I know lots of you are interested in what can make you money (so are we). I ain't no expert -- but have tested five different ride-on manufacturers.

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    I am not interested in any pissing matches with anyone about what machine is the best, It just shocks me that the cost for some of these machines are a bit over the top considering what they are, and what they have for power. If these work for you, then great, spread on !! I wont dirty this thread anymore. :waving:
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    How much is this thing? I went to the website and found very little information on it - just a couple of photos.
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    Steve B -- Last I heard is $8495. 2 year warranty (I think). Zero down financing.

    I'd call TURFCO to get details/specifications of the unit. (800) 679-8201.

    Nighthawk -- No prob buddy. It's always good to compare & see what works best for each individual. :waving:

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    Wow - that's about 4 times what I thought it might be!
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    I know they're not cheap, but we're running about 50% more production with the T3000 compared to our previous ride-ons (Permagreens). Plus...little or no down time, no need to alter the unit, and it can treat 20 acre properties as well as small lawns. Gas efficient too (we've never had to use more than 2 1/2 gallons of fuel in a day = never having to carry extra gasoline)

    IMO....if you have alot of accounts, I'd look at the T3000 as well as the Z-Sprays. If you are a small operator, I'd look at the T3000 or the unit from Ground Logic.

    If you're looking to spend $2000, you might be able to get a used Permagreen Ultra (no carrier rack included).

    Bottom line, a good ride-on can eliminate one employee, also saving salary taxes, etc. my 2 cents worth (BTW, my 2 favorites are TURFCO & L.T. Rich).

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    Got my latest issue of Landscape Magazine yesterday (11/11/08). The T3000 was awarded the "Pick of the Show" by Landscape Magazine's editor & chief. Folks asked what was it compared to. Answer: "Everything at the show". Surprised? We're not.

    After using the T3000 this year, we have been nothing but thrilled. BTW we now have another one cuz......hey - I could go on, but I won't. TURFCO A-Team members know what I'm talking about.

    Happy Holidays to all.
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    Three years ago I started using a GPS light bar to help with spraying using my 10' sprayer behind my MTD tractor mower. The area was at my church and the 2 acres of Bermuda was taken care of in a matter of 20 minutes.

    Do any commercial applicators use GPS?
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    Hey Metro New York & Connecticut Applicators!

    Valley Green is pleased to welcome Bob Brophy of TURFCO to our upcoming open houses.

    Bob will be joining all of our valued supply partners for a REAL Green Industry open house lunch. He will also be demonstrating the T3000 so this is your chance to see/feel/operate/purchase this fine unit & pick Bob's brain over a quality lunch.

    Turf: NY Strip or Rib-eye Steak (depending on local selection)
    Surf: Sword Fish or Tuna (depends again on local selection)

    This is not a run of the mill pizza & burger affair so we ask all attendees to RSVP before 3/1/09.

    Weds, 3/11/09 at White Plains, NY (914) 390-8700
    Thurs, 3/12/09 at Norwalk, CT (203) 831-9748

    Other fine supporting industry leaders will be joining us from Dow, Miller, PHC, PlanTTech, & Lebanon so this will be a MUST ATTEND event! Valley Green places a lot of value on our supply partners as you'll see by this event.

    For directions & additional details please visit our website at


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