TURFCO is proud to formally introduce the T3000 lawn applicator

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Michael J. Donovan, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Green Up

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    Does not sound like equipment is of high quality. Brigs do not seem withstand commercial use well.
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    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    This Equipment is of high quality! they spent a lot of time on engineering

    Turfco has been around for while

    You will find lots of commercial equipment that use B&S I have several pieces that have B&S and they work just fine

    Charles Cue
  3. BeautifulBlooms

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    Stand By for pure analysis of productivity in a few weeks. Once I finish the outdoor season i will analyze how productive I am on the same properties I did last year with a push spreader, as well as comparing how much productivity I can have on the large properties I have never been competitive on. I know by far my body was saved substantial stress this season and I could do a lot more in a day (albeit with the expense of a $9000 machine). I also know I could fertilizer and spray a lawn of 45,000 sq. ft. in about 20 minutes for each process. This would have taken me 40-45 minutes just to fertilize and add in the spraying time (which for me was done as a spot spray as opposed to hose reel) of at least 40-45 minutes and I basically doubled my productivity. The only thing is I still spot sprayed most properties as a way to reduce the pesticides applied. I have reserved the wall to wall applications for only the worst of the worst situations. This is a personal and professional decision to operate this way and I tell my customers that we aim to reduce the amount of pesticide use by spot spraying if at all possible, so they know I may cost more, but I am safer for their pets and themselves as compared to most lawn care companies.

    I will be back on this thread in a few weeks when i have the time to analyze all my data.

    As for the machine . . . no problems in year 1 at all. I hope that continues through next year! Oh and for those wondering about how it operates on hills . . . it did just fine in most circumstances, but the occasional small spot might need to be spot sprayed to avoid spinning the tires. It literally was only an issue on 2 or 3 properties and the area was so small it didn't really affect the productivity, but then again those areas would also be unmanageable by a riding zero turn, so you should expect to have situations like that from time to time.
  4. Permagil

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    Looks like fun on hills!:nono:
  5. straightlineland

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    I should have updated everyone. Turfco came thru and replaced the transmission on my turfco...the briggs and stratton dealer, well he still would not refund money even after turfco dealer provided documentation.

    The machine is awesome. Our fertilizer tech loves it and it is very efficient. He is able to apply and spray upto a pallet a day and still have time in the day.
  6. TurfTurfTurf

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    is this unit good for smaller lawns. i do residental and we have as typical a lot of manuvering to do , nooks and crannies ect. i am trying to decide if i want a ride on sprayer / fert and which one to buy
  7. straightlineland

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    We find it convenient for small lawns as well as big lawns. This unit can work well on a 1/4 acre lot. It takes longer to unload the machine and load than to apply fertilizer therefore it is very helpful to have multiple accounts on small lawns to justify the loading and unloading vs a push spreader.
  8. turf&tree

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    It is actually a lot more stabile on hills than any z-spray is. I just got the foot pedal upgrade and the new 3in1 tank setup. The engineering and installation could not be any simpler! I am looking forward to putting it through the paces on app 2.
  9. turf&tree

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    Turf,turf,turf. This machine is very manouverable. I use it on every lawn as long as it is not too wet and I can fit it through the gate. I believe it is 35-1/2"
    I only have 2 houses I can't use it on. One has a 32" gate and the other has a really, really wet back lawn. I push that one, it is about 3000 sq ft.
  10. peanut54

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    Did our first dry application of Dimension and getting ready to do our second app in the next few weeks with 3way. Any info on overlap of passes and patterns everyone is using with theses?

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