turfco pipe piper for sale

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by konabean, Apr 20, 2008.

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    Hi I just wanted to let you know that the pipe puller I have was a machine I bought 12 years ago it is a turfco pipe piper 14 hp, After about 6 years I bought a ditch witch because I was doing a lot of installs The machine has not been used for a long time.I had it serviced about 2 weeks ago and its running great ,No hydraulic leaks, the tires have good tread on them and were replaced right before I stopped using it, the plow has a lot of life left on it ,The king grip is working well. The reason why I'm getting rid of it is I don't use it any more and I'm sick of tripping over it. You wont be disappointed. My email is pattybowe@mac.com . I'm asking $1500 or best offer.Were in MA. I can email pic if you want.
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    i would love to see a pic

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