Turfco xt5 vs Lawn Solutions 21"aerator

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by fatboynormmie, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Do any of you lawnsite fella's and gal's have any feedback on the new Turfco xt5.Interested in how well the unit pulls plugs .Has anyone used both units and are there any advantages or disadvantages that the Turfco xt5 has over the Lawn Solutions 21" aerator.
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    If my memory is correct they won't ship till March which is already well into aeration season in many areas. What I'm wondering about is the dimensions of the Turfco one vs. the Lawn Solutions unit. Still haven't figured out if the Turfco one has 5 tines across or 6?
  3. fatboynormmie

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    Thanks Exact Rototilling for the heads up on the March release after going back through the turfco thread I did see a release date.I wonder if Turfco put out any demo units for trial basis?Been kicking around replacing my current aerator and have been following your threads on your Plugr unit and what a good job it does pulling plugs.My area isn't real rocky so I shouldn't have as much wear and tear issues as your experiencing .Just wanted to see how the Turfco stacked up in the hydro aerator world so I could make the best educated decisions .
  4. Exact Rototilling

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    The Plugr Hydro's are a dream to run in soil free of rocks and rooted areas plus the pneumatic tires allow one to drop the rear of the unit to compensate for tine wear. As Plugr tines wear the core diameters actually increase slightly resulting in a shorter and fatter plug.

    The Lawn Solutions is a big relief to run in lawns that have high rock counts.

    There are pros and cons on reciprocating vs. rolling tines. Soil fracturing is a plus due to the elongation process of the tine entering and leavening the hole. Some claim reciprocating aerators compact the bottom of the plug hole?

    Purdue seems to think there is an advantage:

    snipped from http://www.agry.purdue.edu/turf/pubs/AY-8.pdf

    2-3inch clip.PNG
  5. Exact Rototilling

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    Just got the latest issue of TURF and I was thinking... sweet a review of the new Turfco unit....nah just a picture of it. Dang! :laugh:


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    Last month they had a article on the plunger but like usual a lot of word but no info.

    Charles Cue
  7. Exact Rototilling

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    Yeah you're right I have a vague memory of that. Just pulled it and yes agree.

    I'd love for Plugr to send me a 855 for full review and I'm sure it is an improvement over the my 850's but....I don't hold back since I'm an equal opportunity critic. I know for a fact my comments here on this forum have sold a number of Hydro Plugrs over the years as well as David's Lawn Solutions 21" WB Aerator - I'm still waiting for payup...oh well.

    If Turfco wants to send me the new unit for comparison I'd be happy to run it through it's paces.
  8. fatboynormmie

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    Hey Exact Rototilling I guess it's all your fault then, for my purchase so I'm holding you accountable.:laugh:

    With how rough your condition's are with that rocky soil you would really give those machines a proper workout.I would love to see Turfco and Plugr let you put their machines through their paces.I know you would give an honest review of your findings.Some how though I don't ever see this happening.
  9. Exact Rototilling

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    Not much happens other than a gentle clunk when the LS 21" hits rock here. What I do wonder is how the LS stander would handle them??? Lawn here at the house is riddle with them. I expect the LS design to outlast a Plugr easily with far fewer structural issue than the jack hammer hell the Plugrs are subjected to. Just need to bring in more $ with the Plugr to off set burned up tines, cracked engine cases and repairs etc.

    Other than a comparison of running the Turfco unit [assuming 4" x 6"] the tighter LS pattern of 3.5 x 6" [with added weight to offset this] just works better in my new controversial marketing angle with more plugs than the other guys. Accurate plug count per square foot plus the even greater affected surface area impacted on the grass then tied in with greatest benefit and the math to prove it. Also going to offer a double Plugr pass for extra $ for a truly ideal aeration. I have collected tine spacing data on many other units on the market. Some of the tine spacing out there is pretty sparse. Every lawn I have seen aerated by the big companies here has the typical sparse pattern including the big one locally who runs the site sponsors units exclusively. I always shake my head and think what a rip off when I look at their plug patterns next to mine or around town.

    I did an estimate last spring for aeration and I told the potential customers hey I pull more plugs and I quoted her $115 for aeration other Big local Co. quoted $85....and she later said she was going to go with the other guys because they won a free barbeque from the other Co. in home show and wanted to offset their winnings even though I pull more plugs.....WT? :confused: :hammerhead:
    That other company doesn't mark sprinklers and takes chances and says their guy know what to look out for and they will fix heads if they are hit. Anyhow.....more plugs means nothing to many and I still believe when people are presented with the facts they will jump on board.

    Not to worried about local competitors. Most Plugrs in the area are 400's and 600's with the more sparse pattern. I have never seen a Hydro Plugr in my area other than mine or a Ryan 28 or even the tug fest PL 800 with the same tine spacing as the 850 & 855. PL 800 is handicapped since you cant drop the rear of the machine as tines wear with lower tire pressure etc.
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