Turfco XT5 vs LS Hydro Aerator

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Exact Rototilling

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    ......Yes only model that is front drive and looks similar to a Lawn Solutions.

    I'd really like to see how top heavy the Turfco unit is on side hills....compared to.the LS 21? Also the transport mode with just
    Powered front wheels with step access.
    All those are pita factors with LS 21
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  2. americanlawn

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    Exact Rototilling, thanks. We originally bought two LS 21" hydro aerators a couple years ago. Then after reading posts here, many said the XT5 was identical to the Lawn Solutions aerator (this is why I figured TURFCO made an "identical" 21" aerator rather than the wider 24" unit).

    Now that we finally have a TURFCO 24" hydro to compare, I also realize several design differences compared to the LS units (all good ones). The XT5 is not top heavy. This has been top priority with TURFCO....ie the T3000. In open areas, one can quite easily run the XT5 with just one hand. But you need two hands to turn it and running it on slopes.

    Regarding front wheel drive, yep the XT5 is the same as the Lawn Solutions aerator. Not sure what you mean regarding step access??

    Anybody who wants to demo our XT5 is welcome 7 days a week. We're in Des Moines, IA. :waving:
  3. kennc38

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    Will be demoing my own XT5 this fall! Actually looking forward to aerating season this year. :) Got my XT5 last week, did a quick demo in my yard and it actually pulled some pretty decent plugs, considering the hard, dry clay soil we have. So far very impressed with the design and easy access to all the maintenance items. Doesn't seem to be top heavy as others suggested, but I have a couple of lawns with some pretty decent hills, so I'll follow up with that in a couple of months. The B&S engine is very quiet too and has plenty of power.
  4. jfoxtrot9

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    You will find hills easiest going up and down. Down the hill forward and just reverse back up. One of the MAJOR advantages of the hydro drive.

    I am curious as to what you think when tackling a hill sideways though. Mine (a 21" LS), like every other aerator that I have ever operatated is indeed too top heavy to do real well at.

    Congrats on the purchase. You'll enjoy aerating much more this season, for sure!
  5. kennc38

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    Thanks! I've used Blue Birds and Classens on these same hills going sideways and they tend to be very top heavy and tend to "dig in" on the down side of the hill. I think I can go sideways with the XT5 with most of them, but if I do have to go up and down, the hydro drive with the reverse will sure come in handy and not break my back like the other aerators I've used.
  6. grassyfras

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    Just bought one. Will let you know.
  7. humble1

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    just watched the turfco video on there site, I didnt see any plugs actually being pulled. Even when the camera was zoomed in, I saw very little dirt flying. Maybe we could get a better picture on that. I demoed a ls walk behind without any weight it turned nice but the dealer didnt have the weight bar in so it might change how it handles, not sur ethough. Anyone else know if it changes how it steers w/ weight.
  8. Exact Rototilling

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    American lawn "Larry" has a video he will send you of these units in operation and I think possibly the plugr 855 in there as well. I have not seen it yet. I remember he said the plugr pulled deeper and more plugs but he preferred ease of use of the Xt5....?

    I own the older plugr 850 hydro and a LS 2010 WB and I prefer the plugr hands down due to 75% more plugs and I frankly find it easier to maneuver with the exception of the reverse aeration feature on the LS. Plugr aeration width is also wider.

    There are some tips and tricks on.operating a plugr that are not picked up until some.hours are put on the machine.

    The way reciprocating aerator pull plugs is dramatic compared to the passive action of rolling tines. Plugs are more likely to be poped up to the surface of.the grass blades in.dense.turf for an even more stunning contrast to a rolling tine machine. And it pull more plugs.
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  9. fl-landscapes

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  10. americanlawn

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    Good point. (I just replied via PM cuz I need email addresses in order to forward the two ISU aeration videos).

    The Plugr 855 pulled slightly deeper plugs at the event. The XT5 was a close 2nd. The soil was dry, yet it was loam (good soil) The Plugr & the TURFCO XT5 offered the most advantages imo. I am not mentioning the LS hydro unit cuz it did not compare with the above two aerators.

    As a business owner, I try to weigh the pros & cons. It's dusk here, and we still have one unit out aerating. They're running XT5's by choice.

    Pulling nice plugs now with the XT5 (using the deep setting), while our LS units spend most of their time in the warehouse. Then you get to the Plugr 855 -- nice plugs and about the same speed as the XT5. Our only issue with the 855 is "operator fatigue". Both Plugr & TURFCO are top notch outfits for sure. our 2 cents

    My suggestion for anybody is to do a side-by-side comparison. That's what we did. :waving:


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