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    OK, I know turfco monitors this site so my question is really directed to them but please, if anyone has an answer for me I'd appreciate it.

    We use some turfco products (ie. aerators and slice seeder) the quality of the product is what keeps us buying them. But we need to place a VALUE on the product that is based on more than the quality of the product. Like customer service for instance.

    Turfco, your quality of product is ranked high with us (me)
    Turfco, your customer service is ranked the lowest with us (me)

    Soooo, we want to purchase more of the products turfco manufactors....but will we look at turfco for these purchases??? Heck no!! We (I) live by the old saying that..."it is service AFTER the sale that counts"
    We dont get that service from turfco. In fact WE have to work hard to get service even BEFORE the sale with these guys!

    Burns me up when I need info and I go to a website...cant find the info (ok, thats not the big deal here, after all they do have a 'contact us' button on their website....but when I do contact them and STILL no response!!!! WTF)

    Sooo, we'll take our (my) wallet to some other manufactorer. Will we be shooting ourself in the foot (because we like the quality of turfco products)?? I dont think so....because like I said we need to place a VALUE on the product that is based on more that quality....we're looking for SERVICE

    Anyone remember SERVICE????? I remeber when I first got my drivers license, gas stations would run out to you and fill you up, clean your windshield, check oil, check tire pressure AND say thank you, please come again after you paid them.

    To bad really that service is no longer available.

    We make a point of returning ALL phone calls to our customers before we head home for the day. We make a point of checking our email for customer questions/comments...and we return them. We make a point of treating prospective customers with respect and always ask if they have any further questions we could answer for them. And service calls are handled with high priority.

    Thats the sort of VALUE we (I) am looking for in a manufactorer or vendor of product we use/buy. In fact I demand it. Yep, thats right....little ole me making demands on the larger manufactorers. Now they can laugh at me because little ole me makes demands....no sweat off my big nose folks...I'll simply take my smaller wallet to some other company and buy VALUE

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    Do you feel better now?
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    Let it out big man!

    That is good to know because I will be looking into buying an aerator this fall. I NEED a quality machine. Like the aerators that work like a mower, but hate poor customer service more than anything. Been there...hope they respond to this and work to get better.
  4. rcreech

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    I hate it that you had a bad experience with Turfco.

    I work with them and I have never had a problem with their service!

    Did you call them, or send them an e-mail to call you?

    Reason I ask is...maybe the e-mail didn't get to them.

    If you call them during business hours you can always talk to someone!
  5. TSM

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    I'm not a bomb thrower. I dont just rant for no good reason. This is actually the second time in a twelve month period I have made mention on this site of my experience with turfco.
    They have proved to me they dont care at all about me or my business with them.
    Will they call me???Maybe when they read this.....(Tim, dont try to PM me from this site, I have that turned off)

    Is there someone there to talk to if I call them during their hours??? Sure, talk is cheap....I need answers and service.

    I've been blown off a number of times by one company rep. Maybe its just him, I dont know. But how am I supposed to measure their quality of service if not through the guy they hire to service me and he blows me off??

    And yes....I feel better telling others of poor service

    And, like I said to begin with, no sweat off my big nose....they aint the only game in town

    (speaking of games.....Go Patriots!)
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    I am sorry that you have had a bad experience with Turfco. Turfco takes great pride in the service they provide. For over 70 years the company has provided great service, parts and equipment. Thus the long life of the company by the same owners. Look for that in anyone but Toro and John Deere and you will not find it. Turfco is still owned by the same people third generation and still have the same caring attitude that makes a company great.
    Now to your problem. If you did not get the response you feel you need we need to work on it. Now what exactly was it. Parts, service advice, sales advice or just an e-mail that did not get returned. I will be the first to tell you we have been having web server problems for some time and have switched to a new service to improve our service. If it is a personal response you need to call us and be a little patient this time of year. We are a small company and we all travel this time of year. I personally am in the middle of 8 weeks of travel to shows and training meetings. I do not carry a lap top so all e-responses have to wait till I get back to the office. I do return phone callls the same day. If it is parts and service you can call the 800 number and ask for the parts and service number. If it is someone is management just ask for us or leave a number. I return my calls the same day I get them. Just call the 800.679.8201 and tell the operator that is is urgent you want to talk to someone and what about she will get it to the right person.
    Turfco Produces tough long life products.
    Turfco takes great pride in keeping those products producing not sitting around
    Turfco has a dedicated staff with hundreds of years in the business ready to serve
    Tufco is responsive and does care but we have to know what to respond to and quite frankly we may not get all the e-mails that go to our web site. use the phone if it is an urgent need. Our office hours are 7:30 to 5 central time.

  7. Turfco Tim

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    I think you will be hard pressed to find many of your peers who feel the way you do about our customer service. We have made several attempts to resolve your product concerns over the past two years. We can only do what you will allow.
    We will be at NE Grows next week if you would like to talk.

    Tim Gray
  8. TSM

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    See Tim, (here we go).....You my friend blew me off...not the other way around!

    It was you who cancelled our appointment 2 years ago. (with a really LAME excuse)
    It was you who would not listen to my request of the timing of another meeting. Call me in JUNE as you did and you will not get a response from me, see I have a seasonal business to run. I made known my concerns in Feb. You blew me off in March (though I reset MY SCHEDULE TO MEET YOURS...you blew me off!)

    Now I sense a 'tone' in your response????

    Yeah, I'll be at NE Grows
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    Hi TSM. I don't blame you for being disappointed, and I know you're a good guy. I have never experienced the problems you mentioned, but I'm not privy to your specific situation.

    I consider my experiences with TURFCO over the years as "Top Notch". I've never had any problems whatsoever getting ahold of TURFCO........whether it be their office or any individual representatative (including the owner). I have even called Turfco Bob after hours & on weekends. They have always been polite & helpful.

    As far as product quality ------ I don't think anyone questions this.

    As far as shipping what I need, often times next day.

    As far as service: TURFCO has (more than once) shipped to us "upgrades" for equipment we already purchased from them. These upgrades may not have been needed, but TURFCO shipped them to us anyway (no charge). I call this proactive service.

    TSM - I'm glad you posted this -- this tells me that you are still interested in TURFCO. I'm certain everything will work out.
  10. turfcobob

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    I now have all the details of why you are unhappy with Turfco.
    Since you seem to want to air this in a public forum here goes.

    You purchased two machine/s (TurnAer aerators from us) You were not happy with the way they were perfoming but did not opt to return them per our policy. Tim contacted you and was going to come to the area for some business. He had to back out of the trip as the other reason /s he was going to area fell through. He called and told you of the problem and attempted to establish another time to meet with you.

    Understand that we are a small company and our people are instructed not to pay for a plane ticket and travel cost just to see one person. A trip must have multiple impacts to be cost effective. I would imagine you would not drive 500 miles each way to service one lawn.

    Tim is and was in the right not to go to the time and expense for one customer. He did follow up with you and tried on two later attempts to meet with you and you told him not to come. That is as good as he can do. If you refuse to have us in to review your problem what else can we do.

    Agaiin I will repeat so you understand. Tim was following company protocol to cancell the first trip when he was down to just one customer to fly from Minneapolis to Mass to visit. The attempts by Tim later were in good faith and turned down by you. Our people will be at the NE Grows, Next week I think it is you can see our people there or scedule with them to have one of us come to your location when we will be in the area.

    Bob Brophy

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