TurfEx Designs New Spreader Attachment Specially for Zero-Turn Mowers

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    TurfEx introduces the TS200 spreader as part of its full line of zero-turn mower attachments. Capable of spreading seed, fertilizer and ice melt, the spreader is engineered specifically to maximize mower productivity.

    The spreader comes with a unique universal mount, which helps it attach quickly to most available zero-turn mowers. It holds up to 2.5 cubic feet of material and features a corrosion-resistant polyethylene hopper to reduce weight and maintenance concerns.

    The spreading operation is controlled via the manual flow gate and electric-powered spinner, both of which can be actuated from the mower’s seat. Additionally, the spinner includes adjustable paddles for fine-tuning the spread pattern.

    A clear cover comes standard with the spreader to prevent foreign objects from entering the hopper and allows the operator to easily see material levels from the seat. Like all TurfEx products, the spreader is covered by a two-year limited warranty.

    Besides the spreader, TurfEx also offers sprayer, sweeper, dethatcher and leaf pusher attachments for zero-turn mowers. Each one utilizes an innovative mount system for quick attachment, allowing the operator to efficiently switch from one task to another.

    TurfEx is a product division of TrynEx International. Other TrynEx brands include SnowEx winter maintenance equipment and SweepEx broom attachments. For more information, contact TrynEx International, 23455 Regency Park Drive, Warren, MI 48089, call 866-5TURFEX or 586-756-6555, fax 586-755-0338, e-mail info@trynexfactory.com or visit www.trynexfactory.com.

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    These got my interest. But, I could not find one for sale in Oklahoma City or on the internet!

    Finally found them - not cheap.

    TS 200 - 617.00
    ZTR 340 (PN) Mount for Ferris 2000Z - 250.00

    Horizon, Bedford, TX, will ship - ask for Zoe.

    Zoe said they are great quality and remove from their multi-use mount in seconds.

    I will rig this up and write a review on it, once I get it. Hopefully within three weeks.

  3. kena48

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    TURFEX TS200 12V Commercial Grade Spreader
    - Arrived in heavy duty box – about 65 pounds (in two days!)
    - VERY heavy duty and excellent quality – made in USA
    - VERY heavy duty wire harness – complete with all plug-in connectors
    -- Quick disconnect – like a battery tender
    -- Switch for dash or panel mounting
    -- 20 amp fuse
    - Nice instruction book that covers, application, formulas, troubleshooting, wire diagram, calibration, time/distance chart, lube chart, data
    - Beefy metal adjustable fins

    As soon as I get my mounting bracket and some good weather, I will tel lyou all how this product performs.





  4. kena48

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    I got it installed The bracket is very good quality too. These pics may help you install one on a Ferris, or get a better look at the parts.

    The gate release cable also has a nice quick-disconnect bracket!






  5. kena48

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  6. kena48

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    In summary this spreader and bracket are SUPERIOR quality and hats off to the designers!

    I will never go back to pull-behind spreaders - no more neck pain from looking behind myself and unnecessary spillage!
  7. kena48

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    Worked very well. Nice to be able to nose up to a tight circle and then back away. You will notice the added weight – especially on hills! I highly recommend staying away from the steep grades until your hopper is 1/4 from empty. That ditch you used to straight in and out of may pose a problem.

    The Ferris 200Z has a very heavy duty front caster system and handled 100 lbs in the hopper without a problem, also the TURFex bracket looks like it came off a Humvee. However, I don’t think I’d put this spreader on a light duty ZTR.

    The spreader gate control is not nice, like a John Deere pull behind with clickable precise settings, but it’s functional.

    Also, if you install the gate T-handle too close to your seat cushion, a bump could cause it to close.

    Lastly, I did not realize there was another gate that was closed, to keep the pattern off a walkway etc. Felt pretty stupid after discovering that. I was spreading potash, which is like fine sand and couldn’t see the pattern. When I put regular granules in, I realized what I had missed.

    In summary, it’s really nice to see what’s going on up front and not straining your neck muscles. I LOVE IT.
  8. Hogjaw

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    Excellent presentation and pictures.

    Always good to hear equipment pros / cons.

    My Toro does not have the frame support bar that runs parallel to deck. I wonder if that is a problem for me. Contacted manufacturer and sales if going to quote. He said it will be in the $800 range, plus shipping, and $200 for the quick mount hardware. Is this in the range you paid?

    Again, thanks for sharing.

  9. kena48

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    Yes Hogjaw, seemed like the going price.
  10. YardWorxLincoln

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    I got this same spreader and will be using it tomorow on my accounts. Questions for ya, what setting did you have the flow gate on?

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