Turflon Ester + 3 way amine in a PG

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Rochester, MN
Anyone run this combination through a low volume (1/4 to 1/2 gal water/K) ride on applicator like a PG? Label says Turflon Ester forms an emulsion with water and must have agitation to stay mixed. Is the blowback pressure through a PG enough to keep this mixed OR should one stay away from Turflon Ester in a PG?


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I would think that the sloshing caused by the PG moving is enough to keep it mixed. Emulsions such as Turflon ester are easier to keep mixed than DF or WP formulations.


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Grand Rapids MI
I think that running the pump for 60 seconds would be enough to resuspend Turflon Ester. You may wish to follow my example and add a couple nozzles to the backflow tube. Aim one left and the other right to try to get a circular swirl going.

Also you may wish to use a power drill and a paint stirring propeller to really make it swirl, if it has been sitting still for a few minutes, (or overnight).

Not sure, but I think I had a couple instances of Three-way Ester II causing a bit of brown streaks.

For hard to kill weeds, I like your idea of using Turflon ester to increase the effectiveness of Three Way. Use both products maximum strength, of course. And add a surfactant for best action on hairy, waxy or tough weeds.