Turflon Ester

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    See my test on wild violet from May of 2013...with pictures. I thought T-Zone (which contains triclopyr, 2,4-D, dicamba and sulfentrazone) when applied with Drive was the most effective.
    Speedzone by itself or plus Drive was equally effective.
    Of course, the PPO inhibitors work mainly by contact action--burn the leaves--don't expect them to do anything to the roots.

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    Are you using the 44% or the 61% Triclopyr? I can get element 4 which is 61% Triclopyr ester for $200 with shipping.
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    61 percent. My cost for a 2.5 gallon is around $325 if I recall. So if you can get that for $200 that is a real steal
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    You are probably using a brand name for that price. Check out forestry-supplies.com for 61.6% triclopyr at $169.95 plus shipping.

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