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  1. HazellLawnCare

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    Do any of you use TurfCo overseeders, thatchers, or aerators? They have sent me alot of info they look to be well built and very well priced.
  2. I've seen their equipment at shows, looks like it was built as well as most. I remember thinking parts might be be a problem.
    Are parts stocked locally? Warranty service?
  3. RoyaleRcr

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    Thet are made in my city. (Mpls) I bought one of thier aerators last fall to replace my old Ryan IV. I love this machine. It is fast and leaves a good core. the center of gravity lower than the Ryan so a little better on hills. I have been given a plant tour and coming from a machining industry background they evan impressed me. As far as parts goes, they only sell direct to you. No dealers so no dealer mark-up. But the down side I suppose would be no local service. But overall I am happy with them. Any questions you can take to Lynn at Turfco.
  4. turfcobob

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    The question asked about getting parts for turfco equipment is an easy one. You just call Turfco at 800.679.8201 and they sell them to you. Another question is who do you get to work on them? Most anyone can work on them and Turfco has pages to walk you through some of the service. OR you can call them and the service people at Turfco will talk you through a service problem. The equipment is designed so anyone with common hand tools can work on them. They are actually easier to work on than some kids bikes. All just chains and belts.

  5. Sean Adams

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    Turfco aerators = very nice machines... had an amployee with a bad left arm (couldn't straighten it out completely)...the turfco aerator was no problem for him....demo, demo, demo

    They are a sponsor of this site so be sure to check them out!

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