Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TurfJustin, May 17, 2005.

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    And your point is?.....
  3. TurfJustin

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    My point is the TurfPAC Program is a network of lawn maintenance professionals. If you are not a TurfPAC Professional, then you are just another fly-by-night lawn maintenance company. TurfPAC's website has more information.
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    Um, I'm not exactly a veteran here, but since I do have a few more posts than you, allow me to say, screw you, LOL. I'll just sit back and see what the real lawn-siters have to say about being called fly-by-night. I somehow suspect that the vast majority are not in your club.

    I see all your other posts are TURFPACKER related too... Hmm...

  5. theturfsurfer

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    I would rather have my customers tell me how "professional" I am than some association give me the label cause I gave them some money.

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