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  1. Paver Gangster

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    Nice pix, lotsa cuts.

    I'd make picture one walkway just sliiiighty wider. If two people pass each other, someones stepping on the grass.
  2. A.Landscaping

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    Looks good :clapping: But i agree on making it wider.
  3. CSLC

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    Brownstone Versa-Lok Mosiac wall. It is about 300-350' wall and 5 an half foot high. Took about 3 weeks from start to finish. Wall has geo-grid, drainage, #2 rounds all the way up until about 6 inches.





  4. killerbee133

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    I was just curious where is your drainage?
  5. CSLC

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    Its tied into a huge drywell about middle of the wall. I know your not suppose to do it that way but that is what the boss man told me to do. So that is what I did.....
  6. killerbee133

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    Yea I can see why he would do that. In new york on a wall like that would you typically use pvc or perforated tile? I only use perforated i really havn't had a reason to use pvc. I see some people do it though.
  7. CSLC

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    Its all 4" Socked perforated drain tile.
  8. CSLC

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    So I have since starteed my own company since the last time I have posted on this thread. I have plenty of pictures to post. I am looking for some help with contracts and estimates writing.....
  9. zedosix

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    First project you posted really needs to have the cap stones extend past the main riser blocks. Just doesn't look finished. Try using a different capstone next time. Also I'm not sure why you had to cut both ends of the caps it looks like you could of used only one cut per row instead of two.
    Walkway really doesn't look professional imo, if you were looking for a runner pattern then I would of done just that, follow one brick after another following the curve.
    Retaining wall would of looked awesome in natural stone, there just seems to be so much .....wall. Maybe it just needs some border planting...
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