TurfWizard - Designed To Meet The Need Of The Landscaping Industry

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    TurfWizard is a billing and scheduling system designed to meet the need of the Landscaping Industry. The team at TurfWizard has been developing software products for over 30 years. While dispatching systems exist in the marketplace today, Turf Wizard is the first to combine all the necessary components into a comprehensive system designed specifically for the professional landscaper. TurfWizard will take you from scheduling and job completion to billing and invoicing in just a few simple steps. The system will then provide you with the reports you need.

    Mobile capabilities: TurfWizard allows the input and coalition of data directly from the field to the system. There is no reason to worry about lost information, missed obligations or opportunities, lost revenues or unrecorded expenses. All of your critical business materials and time information is preserved securely and can be keyed in real-time by your field personnel. Another plus, that same data is also available to you in real-time.

    Our goal is to enhance the profits and revenues of the landscape industry on a small and large scale. Our dedicated team of software developers & analysts are always working on making upgrades based upon feedback from you, the business owner, as well as the client user.

    A few Example of TurfWizard’s valuable Features are:

    • Scheduling – Allowing you to manage all of your clients from a user friendly dashboard, with the program keeping track of missed work and revenues. The System will automatically reschedule jobs that have been missed.

    • Auto-Billing – From scheduling to billing in under 5 minutes, while making it possible to add new items and notes to the bill depending on your crew’s progress in the field.

    • Chemical Tracking – Reporting of all chemicals used on property including weather conditions, rates and amounts applied, chemical target, notes, etc. in accordance with state laws for your area.

    • Mobile Interface – Crews and office are connected by the touch of a button with this interactive, real time, mobile capability.

    • Crew Checkout – Manage your company more efficiently with knowing where your crews were, how long they spent there, and notes of the day’s operation.


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