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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by turfquip, Jun 6, 2001.

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    [​IMG] This is an exclusive money making opportunity for LawnSite.com members. If you are timid about the possibility of making money off your dealer then please, as Mr. Ziffel would say....hit the back button now.

    Take a good look at the Eaton Hydrostatic tranny pictured below:


    Now here's the pitch. This unit will replace any commonly used Eaton 851 application including the Exmark Turf Ranger. It's brand new, not rebuilt. Chances are good that your local Exmark dealer will replace a few (if not several) of these per year. In most applications, including the Turf Ranger, the right and left stub axle bolted to your present core will need to be reused. They unbolt easily and as you can see from the picture, the deal includes fresh gaskets. Also, these units are plumbed for auxiliary hydraulics. You can see the light blue fitting covers on the near side of the unit. If your application does not require supplemental hydraulics for steering or whatever, then simply reuse the pump cover present on your old core. I've included a gasket for that too. These are relatively simple conversions. There is an extra hydraulic filter included as well.

    Here's where the fun starts. Print a picture of this package. Ask your dealer what he is paying right now. Possibly a thousand each or more. You can save him money and put a couple hundred in your pocket because I can ship you one of these for 599.00. That includes everything you see in the picture. All crated and shipped to your location. Anywhere in the lower 48 that is.

    So in summation, you buy it for six and sell it for eight. The dealer is happy; your happy. God knows I'm happy. I'm a naturally happy person.

    PS - I could also bring some of these to Louisville.
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    How many do you have?
  3. turfquip

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    I've got four units ready for shipping.

    I can source several more if I need to.

    How many do you need?
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    What is the measurement from axle tip to axle tip on this unit
    Thanks Larry

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