TurnAer 4 aerator

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by coolluv, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. coolluv

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    Does anyone know anything about the Turfco TurnAer 4 aerator? Has anyone ever used one that can give me some feedback good or bad.

    Thanks Dave...
  2. stpet291

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    I just finished up my first year with one. It does a good job and pulls nice plugs, even in dry soil. While they make it sound like it runs just like a mower, it does not. It does however run very nice. The brakes help but you still need to help with a pull or push from either side to help with the turn. My shoulders are still SOAR! If you do buy one cut the yard in half and work it so you keep your turn radius large and the same. Makes a huge difference. One complaint I have is the weights dont come out. I had some yards it was too heavy and I had to grab old reliable, my blue bird.

    All in all its far faster than the bird and it does a nice job, but you will work with no free lunch. If the yards a large, buy the velkie! Saved my feet a bunch. If their small dont bother because turning is even harder with it.

  3. coolluv

    coolluv Banned
    from Atlanta
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    Thanks for the reply.


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