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    I just purchased a Toro 36" W/B with T-bar controls. I wanted the hydro model bad, but just couldn't swing an extra $900 right now.

    My question is how to turn a belt drive 180 degrees without tearing up the turf? I've heard of guys pulling back on the handlebars to get the inside tire to turn backwards while throttling the outside tire, but this seems like a ton of work.

    My thoughts were to just make a little wider turn and make two outside passes along the perimeter when finished to get the missed grass.

    Sorry for the long post and Thanks for any input.
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    I just mow the perimeter of the yard 2 or 3 times, and then make wider turns, depending on how thick the grass is. I also try to turn around in driveways, sidewalks, or roads as often as possible. If you are turning at the peak of a small hill, pulling back on the wheel that is supposed to lock lets you turn it around as if it were a zero turn - but my gravely has pistol grips, so it might be different with the T bar controls.
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    I have the T-bar 48" and all you need to do is swing out a little and make a little wider turn. When I'm at the end of a strip I just swing out a few feet then make my turn so its not as sharp as it would have been if I did a 180 but I only have this problem in the spring when the ground is soft, in summer its not much of a problem.
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    Each belt drive for each wheel has its own adjustment (see that wing nut). This is also an adjustment to make sure your mower tracks straight. You shouldn't have to do all this over lapping like lawn tractor. If you turn left pull back with your left hand on the fixed bar of the controls and apply slight pressure on the right forward control. The axle isn't locked.... try it on pavement or your lawn first until you get the hang of it. Don't get used to over lapping.

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