Turning a WB into a Stander


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Has anyone tried this yet? It seems like it would work well on larger machines and lighter operators. Basically a sulky that attaches to the back of the WB, but has no wheels. It would be more productive and easier to back up if done correctly.

Just wondering if it has been attempted.

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Yea but you can just step off it.


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use a swivel wheel sulky, backs up just fine. I'll never understand why people get standers, when a walkbehind with a good swivel wheel sulky works great, and you can trim better with the deck out front.

Puddle of Oil

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keep in mind the front of the mower is kinda light so if you put more weight behind the back wheels that would pop up the front end.


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What about on of the bullrider type sulkies with the caster wheels. That would even be the same concept of a standon since you are always inline with the mower and controls.


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I think the OP is talking about converting his full size WB to an actual stander, not just putting a sulky or pro slide on it. Yes, it could be done, you would just have to remove the back frame piece that leads up to the controls and fabricate a new control panel that is located much farther forward, and installing a standing platform as close to over the drive wheels as possible, but this may put too much weight on the back and cause the front end to shoot up all the time, unless you really modify the entire frame. So it could be done, but you would have to be a great fabricator and have lots of time to put into it, but it wouldnt cost too much, as you would still be using the same things, just moving everything forward alot. It may be better to just go buy a used stander, or try this out on an older WB so you do not destroy a perfectly good full size WB. Post some pics if you try this. It might be easier to make a stander from a ZTR, but what would be the point in that?

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