turning doubles on my Hustler Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by captken, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. captken

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    I installed 2 sets of Gator Blades on my Hustler Z to experiment with. I can run either open discharge or mulch with the Qwikchute.
    I am interested in knowing what others who are turning doubles have to say about their experiences and what blade combinations they are using, especially on the Hustler Z or the Super Z.
    For me, while turning the double Gator Blades, the damp grass dispersal pattern appears to have improved dramaticly. I am able to run at a higher ground speed as there appears to be no noticable clumping of the just cut grass[running open discharge] it appears that the increased air velocity of the crossed blades [vaccum] lifts grass up better for the cut and then keeps it up for the tumble round through the stacked double
    Gator Blade teeth [grass gets really chewed up]

    However, mulching really loads up the 23hp Kaw, spinning the 6 blades drops the engine shaft speed which in turn slows the blade tip speed some, the govenor trying to compensate, while I'm trying to run at the same ground speed as when turning singles, it leaves cleaner a cut though.
    Another thing I noticed was that the Hustler Z spinning 6 blades, cutting height was 4", was that the machine started to lightly stripe the warm weather grass.
    It was pretty neat to see. It wasn't the contrast striping we normally see via member post here, but noticable none the less.
    I was impressed and was wondering if I could get better results running a high lift blade under the Gator Blade.
    Is there increased lift using the factory blade over the Gator Blade that would keep the grass aloft for a longer period of time, letting the Gator teeth do it's work?
  2. KirbysLawn

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    I tried it and didn't like it, slowed the blade speed down too much in thick grass.
  3. Doc Pete

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    Gator magnums have about the same lift as Hustler highlifts. For mulching, you may want try to use lowlift Hustlers or standard gators. I'm guessing that for mulching your not really using the 1/3 rule.
  4. excel25

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    I tried for about a month with different combinations, brought rpm down to much , tried to find lighter blades, made it a little better but not much.
  5. Doc Pete

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    It's the "lift" that's taking the horsepower, not the weight of the blades. If you want to double cut but not lose HP, cut of the "sail" of one set of blades. I've done this, it's a giant difference.

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