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turning down work??


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been out pounding the pavement, doing estimates, and getting ready to roll. for the first time ever, i used my head! someone called requesting an estimate, i went by, evaluated the job, and decided i DON'T WANT IT! it was a large property, covered with oak trees, a big, big messy area with a big problem potential. sometimes it's just not worth the headache. called and told him i'm not interested. do you guys turn down work that is "undesireable? or do you just jack up the price and if they bite they bite?

LawnScapers of Dayton

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Dayton, OH
I will turn down work. As a solo operator....I don't want to bite off more than I can chew....I prefer jobs that I can be in and out in 4-5 hours....



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Clinton, NJ
"Charge Accordingly" is my motto...

The only time I turn down work is when it's something that I have absolutely not a clue how to do.


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We've weeded out quite a few of the undesirables since the first year staring maintenance but it was usually a money issue.... They didn't want to pay to have the place looking nice.... how do you know that wasn't the case here? If it's good money you can turn a property around in a month.


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I jack the price up, way up and if they want it, sub it out and take a % of some one else work. If you turn them down they will never call again.



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Morgantown, WV
I can usually look at a property and know if they are the type of client I service or not just by looking at the existing property conditions. I don't like to take on clients that are too penny conscious about everything, wanting to cut prices here to save there, you know. During the summer, I have been turning work away or telling them it will be about 2 months before I can get to them.We only do direct mailings in April, May, Oct ,and Dec now.The ones who will wait for our service become some of our best customers


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I will only turn down work if I can't perform it correctly, or safely. If it looks like a job I just don't want to do, I will price it real high, and that will make up for any hesitation I have to do it, and still make it worth my time if they accept it.
I guess sometimes it is better to have that attitude, since a lot of times they just want it done, and will pay the premium.


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Vancouver, WA
It used to be if someone had 50 bucks in their pocket and wanted to give it to me, I'd work my butt off for it. These days are different. Why take on a turkey if that dream property is right around the corner? I'd hate to be so bogged down in a sucky job that I'd have to pass up a golden opportunity. There are times I look at a job and just tell myself I'd rather leave the trailer parked than drag it to this place!


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S.E. Michigan
IF I had space in my schedule, I'd give an estimate with the appropriate 30 - 50% PITA markup.