turning in bid tommorow need help asap

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by grassmaster06, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. grassmaster06

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    I want to price this job right because i could really use it .any help would very very greatfull.sorry no pics but i can tell you all the rundown.3.9 acres of pretty easy mowing ,around 2500ft of trimming ,4706 of edging plus blowing it all clean .I figure around 5.75to 6.5 hours ,there is also spring/fall clean up almost 5.5acres includes carports ,driveways, flower beds ,,turf ect.. I counted about 40 to 45 trees on site .there is also 280 5x5 bushes that also need tending .i came up with $12,647 for entire seasonal package sound to high to low or right please be honest
  2. Allens LawnCare

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    Whats the address, you can pull it up on google maps and get a good idea of the property
  3. grassmaster06

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    i turned it in today ,it would be a great job for us .the property manager said they where happy with their current lco ,but they would look it over and discuss it with the owner .i believe its going to be lowball cheap or priced right ,and if it s priced right ,we would have a shot at getting it
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    using your description I came up with a much higher price. cutting can run upwards of 100 per hour or 1 to 2 dollars per minute. But this pricing is in my economic area and probably cannot be of any use to you, I most likely couldn't get the job with this kind of pricing. I am very careful taking on commercial property's getting paid can be a bucket of red tape especially if the property is not locally owned and despite a clearly written agreement with a crystal clear payment schedule..... good luck!

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