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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cochino12, May 4, 2006.

  1. cochino12

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    Man I just cant seem to get this down 100%. I only have about 10-15 hours on my stander but am still not making turns right. Can anyone explain how a "0" turn is done? Do I need to keep both tires turning (oppisite)? :hammerhead:

    thanks in advance
  2. jim dailey

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    Try turning in the shape of the letter KKKKK. (Up the backbone and turn slightly right. Stop. Back-up. Then turn right again, into the next row.) After doing this for quite awhile, you won't think about it anymore, and then it gets sloppy. BUT, that is OK. Because now you are almost doing what you wanted to do in the first place Try It.....
  3. topsites

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    First off, I'm closing in on having cut 3 thousand yards and even for me the true 0-turn is difficult to do without leaving at least a small divot. For this reason I do my utmost to avoid this type of turn and prefer the mushroom turn instead, it works like so:

    Say you're going to turn around to the right, so the first thing you do is swing out slightly to the left, then make a slightly wide right-hand turn around and then swing slightly left again so you should be right beside where you started. After completion, the shape you just did to complete the maneuver looks a bit like a mushroom. If you have a fast machine, remember to slow down during this type of turn or it may tip onto its side (which can be a cool stunt to do but the blades cut into the turf at some point and soon afterwards things get really hairy).

    When that doesn't work, take the machine off-turf, turn, then come back on to the turf but this doesn't work everywhere and it wastes rubber on the tires. That, and look for those spots where it doesn't matter if you take out a divot, say at the edge of the woods or if you're really good, with one tire on the curb (but watch it LOL).

    At the same rate, this and even the 0-turn consumes time because your machine isn't cutting while you're turning... Yes I know the blades are engaged but no true progress is being made, anyway... With the exception of when I feel like wasting time and striping, I usually do the racetrack pattern which is by far the fastest cut because your machine never stops cutting and there's hardly a time you need to make a really tight turn, except maybe 90 degrees but those are not as tricky.

    Here's a pic of the mushroom turn but it's a bit rough because I drew by hand lol:
  4. Dashunde

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    I'm still trying to figure out how to get a good turn with a wb and sulky.
    The sulky messes up the K turn (I'd like to keep my ankles intact).
    I'll have to try that mushroom buisiness.
  5. P & L Turf

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    Yeah I've found that if you keep all tires turning you'll tear up less if any at all. I don't use a stander, but that seems to work on my walkbehind. Even if it's super thin grass. Now on my ZTR I do a sort of T shaped turn. Thats where I come into the turn, make it to the left/right, and then back up a little and then turn into the next line. I've never had a problem with this method. Thats how I was taught years ago and it's worked for me ever since.

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