Turning with a Sulky on 36'' WB

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jiacovino, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. jiacovino

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    I recently bought a used 36'' Bob-Cat belt driven WB. The machine is awesome and has a 15 hp KAI engine, which is plenty enough power for any sulky.

    I've read all the threads about ProSlides vs. Velkie X2's vs. Bull Riders. The question I have is how everyone turns with a sulky on a 36'' WB. When I mow my properties, when I get to the end of a line, I muscle the machine backwards while letting one wheel go (in other words, I sort of turn it like a ZTR would). Doing a complete 180 is easier and faster, but it always digs up the grass.

    With a sulky, do most people just turn earlier so they don't need to step off the sulky? It seems to me that this would mean shorter lines, and more mowing around the edges of a yard.

    With a ProSlide, I could probably hop off the sulky before getting to the end of the line, the sulky would retract, I could muscle a turn, and then hop back on it?

    Am I thinking too much about this, or is there an easy way to turn with a Velkie X2 or a Bull Rider?

    I hope this made sense...
  2. derbydon

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    When you say "muscle" the machine, does this mean it does not reverse the drive wheel if you squeeze the control all the way? I've used a 36WB with a sulky (I sold it - regretfully - that's a long story) and even though it was a belt drive I could reverse the inside wheel and not tear the turf.

    Ideally, at the end of your line with a small walk behind you need to go about one wheel length further to make a clean turn. The key is to have both wheels always turning. Most turf tears happen when one wheel is stationary and just gets pulled by the moving wheel.
  3. delphied

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  4. phlandscaping

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    I just hop off and then pull (muscle) the one side bk and ready to go, hop bk on and keep trucking! Yes is a pain in the butt, but that's what you get with belt drive!
  5. jiacovino

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    With my Bob-Cat belt driven WB, squeezing either control all the way is full break. A half squeeze is neutral. I guess I sort of get what you mean...leaving one wheel in neutral and letting the other one go would cause the neutral wheel to roll back.

    With a sulky, I guess the only answer is to turn one wheel length earlier so that I never have to let the inside wheel be stationary.

    I guess then my question for this type of turning is BullRider or Velke x2?
  6. MileHigh

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    problem is you don't have a DUAL hydro with instant reverse. If you did you would have mastered doing k turns by now and this would have never of been a thread.
  7. Tharrell

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    Don't get too good at it because as soon as you try a hydro, the gear drive will be left at home.
    I have 3 gears and 2 hydros. I use Jungle Wheels on all 5.
    Either way, swinging wide at the end so you can line up is the fastest way, then run the perimeter to make a clean border to cover your swing tracks.
    In tight situations, just put the inside lever in neutral and do what ever it takes to line up. Tony

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