Turnkey lawn service in Fort Worth Texas

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    ·Top-notch equipment & 14 prime accounts (12 mowing-most fertilizing, 2 fertilizing only). Most in Wedgwood area.
    ·I’ve had most of these yards for 14 years
    ·Includes 1yr old Exmark 36 inch hydrostatic drive walk behind, pro slide, mulch kit, Redmax 7000 backpack blower, Echo 2500 weedeater, Accelerator aluminum grass catcher, Lesco stainless steel fertilizer spreader, custom trailer with aluminum wheels, 3 gas cans, toolbox with sprinkler parts, grease.
    ·All equipment is used only by me, & is in excellent condition.
    ·All clients are on a weekly schedule during growing season. All are billed monthly.
    ·Last years income was $13,000. It takes 8 to 10 hours per week to mow them all. All of my billing was at $65.00 per hour rate.
    ·Hook up to your truck & go.
    ·Get it all for $8750.00.
    Joe Short, 817-229-8915,

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