//// turns over with no spark plug ////


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I have a mower where the operator hit something and caused the engine to stop.

After untangling everything I from underneath the mower the engine refuses to turn when cranked.

Interestingly if you remove the spark plug the motor will turn over.

With that my helper proceeded to adjust the valves ( hopefully correctly but I can't verify that for sure)

The interesting thing about the valve adjustment is if you leave the spark plug out of the engine adjust the valves and turn it one revolution the rocker arms are very loose probably 3/8 inch of play.

I'm thinking I'll need to have the valves adjusted properly ?

But for whatever reason it ( and doesn't make a lot of sense to me) even if the valves are not adjusted properly why would the engine not turn over when the plugs are in vs out ?

Is there a possibility of internal damage if so what are the likely culprits?

This one really has me puzzled thanks in advance for any and all help.



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What is the mower, engine, hours? Sounds like something internal is out of position or bent or broke.


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Go here and read it, then some one might help you out