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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Rustic Goat, Nov 22, 2003.

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    Here's a promo idea to really get name recognition for your company in your geographic area. Most likely workable only for those doing radio and/or TV advertising, doubt print only ads would have enough impact to make it worthwhile. So that means it's most likely an idea for you larger operators out there, and the fact that the company that would use the concept must be able to pay for the work/materials used.
    You big operators could probably get even more mileage out of this by getting some of the trade publications to run a story on the contest.

    Got this from an article I read of a NC remodeling contractor. They ran a 'The Ugliest Bathroom Contest.' The details were explained in their ads, entrants had to send in photos of their bathrooms.
    Limitations were specified as to size and total dollar value to be awarded.

    Entrants were told that if more was spent by their desires for looks or materials used, the winner would have to pay that.
    Of course the company and winner would set down and decide all this before work would begin.

    Ugliest lawn contest?
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    Hi Rustic Goat,

    Great idea, you might even get news paper articles written on the story! Make sure you send out press releases on this!
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    Sounds like a great idea!

    Already found a few potential winners.


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