Two applications of pre-emergent

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jondcoleman, Aug 12, 2008.

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    premium program consists of...

    RD1: all liquid, very low rate of 3:1:2 urea triazone solution, iron citrate, prodiamine at 5 month rate.

    RD2: granular Dimension at 0.35# ai/A + liquid Dimension 2EW BP sprayed along hard surfaces. Liquid WC.

    summer: Iron citrate + biostimulant
  2. jondcoleman

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    A lot of people are saying that they put down dimension at 4lbs./M and this seems like a lot. Is this with a fertilizer because I was looking at lesco and the lowest fert they have with .10 or .15 is 19-0-6 I think. That would mean you are putting down .76 lbs. of fert. Isn't that too much for a spring app?
  3. mngrassguy

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    Not at all for KB. 1lb is max but imo that is too much. 4lbs of N per year is what's recommended around here.
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    Timing is everything in Pre-M control. Crabgrass germinates when soil temp. reach 55F. No reason to put down chemicals in March when they will not be needed until later in the season.
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    Too much nitrogen? Probably not if you are in bluegrass country. Only about a half pound is available--the rest is slow release. Even in cool weather bluegrass would be up and growing. Growth will be slow because of low temperatures, excess growth should not be a problem. Nitrogen in hot weather is more problematic--in the mid south this might cause disease from what I have heard--no personal experience here.

    Shop around--find a lower nitrogen fert or more slow release with a good crab control, if you need it. Also do not do lime application if not needed--do a few soil tests.
  6. turf hokie

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    You can get them on 007 or 13-2-5 as well as the 19-0-6 all three are pretty standard sku's

    But @ 4lbs /k the 19-0-6 is putting down 3/4 N which to me is fine depending on what you did for you winter round.

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