Two backpack blowers stolen

Discussion in 'Stolen Equipment' started by MainTainZ Property Svcs., Nov 18, 2013.

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    I had two backpack blowers stolen about 4 weeks ago. We were mowing a apartment complex and one of us was within sight of the rig during most of the time we were there. After my weedeater guy finished up, he went to start blowing off and discovered that two backpack blowers were gone. They got my Redmax EBZ 7150 and Kawasaki KRB750b. I called the police and they wrote a report. I then talked to several residents who said they saw nothing. Fast forward 3 weeks and two guys were arrested. One confessed to stealing and the other has not. They were involved in 6 burglaries. My blowers were found at two separate pawn shops and to get them back, I had to buy them back. I could have waited until all court proceedings were over but that could have taken up to a year. I needed my blowers because I'm in the middle of leaf season. Having to buy my blowers back made me feel like I was being victimized a second time.
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    They would have gotten them to you before the ct date. Once the individuals were arrested you shouldn't have had a problem. I had two stolen as well and got them back within two weeks
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    TN just recently passed a new law which basically protects the pawn shops. The only way a victim can get their items back is with a court order signed by a judge and that only happens if you sue the pawn shop or at the end of the court proceedings. I had the police report, the arrest warrant for the thieves, the printout showing that the thieves were the ones that pawned the blowers, and all my serial numbers but still couldn't get them back. The Assist. D.A. was the one that if I wanted them back ASAP, that I would have to buy them back and then put in for restitution once the thieves are found guilty...It's crazy..
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    Gotta love our court system! Everyone wonders why this country is in the shape it's in.
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    That's wrong. If you are able to prove that the blowers are yours, you ought to have possession of them immediately. Let government continue to muck things up.
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    One of the guys has plead guilty and will be sentenced Dec. 6th. The other guy has denied any involvement (even though he pawned one of the blowers). He will probably have a trial...
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    That's so messed up. You had to buy your own blowers back. It should be at the risk of the pawn shop if they want to do business with shady people. Why should you be punished again?!?
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    Let me pre-face this, even though it says i'm from CA, which I am, I also spend time at the Cleveland\Chattanooga\Dalton area as my wife's family is from there. And I thought CA was a joke. For a bunch of rednecks.....sure seems like they act more like liberals you find in the big Cities.

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