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    1) In using MSMA to control crabgrass, the bottle says not to use a hose-end sprayer. Can anyone educate me as to why not? I use the sprayer for Atrazine & 2-4,D, as well as bug sprays, why not MSMA?

    2) Can I mix MSMA & 2-4,D in the same sprayer? Was thinking of it as a double-whammy against the crabgrass & other broad-leaf weeds in the yard. Would use this as a spot-treatment, vs. spraying the whole yard with chemicals, I figured this would be a better approach than using so many chems to do the whole yard.

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    I can only guess that it may be for one of the two reasons or both:

    1)Some chemicals will clog,and or desolve the plastic hose end sprayer

    2)If a back flow preventer is not in place ,traces may slip back into the water supply.

    Hose-End Sprayers need to be calibrated.

    Hose-end sprayers are used to apply fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and liquid fertilizers. Since hose-end sprayers operate off of water pressure, they need to be calibrated at the water outlet from which they will be operated. Hose-end sprayers should be calibrated on concrete or dry pavement where the spray pattern is clearly visible.

    Step 1. Add either a pint or quart of water to the reservoir of the hose-end sprayer.

    Step 2. Turn on the water, and walk at a constant pace, spraying the concrete or pavement
    uniformly until the sprayer reservoir is empty.

    Step 3. Measure the width of the spray pattern.

    Step 4. Multiply the width of the spray pattern by the length of the wet surface to calculate
    the area that is covered or wet by the sprayer.

    Step 5. Using the recommended rate on the label, add enough product to cover the area with a
    quart of water, fill the reservoir to 1 quart, and make the application.

    Calibration Example:

    A homeowner wants to apply a herbicide to her lawn, using a hose-end sprayer. She determines
    that 1 pint of water will cover 300 square feet at a normal walking pace. The herbicide label
    recommends a rate of 4 ounces of product per 1,200 square feet, so she adds 2 ounces of the
    herbicide and fills the sprayer reservoir to 1 quart (2 pints) with water
    (2 x 300 square feet = 600 square feet). Each quart in the sprayer reservoir should cover 600
    square feet of lawn.

    Tank mixing with MSMA, 2,4-D, or metribuzin increases turf burn and may reduce weed control.

    Good Luck
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    You can mix msma and 24d together but as the other guy said it is a "hot" mix.
    Make sure the turf is VERY well irrigated for a few days before the treatment and then follow directions to the letter.
    You may get some discoloring but you should be fine.
    That will grow out for you.
    I don't know about hose end spraying.
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    I noticed that you are a qualified Arborist. I don't expect to become qualified like yourself, but would like to broaden my knowledge about the subject. I own Elite Pest & Lawn Solutions, which covers three licenses. Wood Destroying, General Pest Control, and horticultural, so am often asked about trees. Any suggestions about online courses, reading material, or recomendations on associations.


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    MSMA can be "fire water" if not applied right, use a more friendly product like Drive in a backpack sprayer. I have used MSMA at the low rates if ground moisure is good, but don't reccommend it during the summer months if it can be avoided.
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    Thank you so much for you reply. Very informative and helpful.

    Best Regards


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